Babiš conscientiously condemned the act of piety, Judges Kalousek

21.08.2018 13:19 Updated on 21.08. 13:41

During a speech during the speech of representatives of the YO movement, in protest against the victims of the occupation in 1968, according to opposition politicians, people expressed concern about the return of communists to power. People & # 39; s Vice-President Daniel Herman said the government with the Communists is unfortunate. His party colleague, Jan Bartošek, said that he understood people's resistance. House Speaker Radek Vondráček (ANO) said in response that the KSČM is not in the government. The communists were, according to him, reasonably aware of allowing the establishment of the coalition cabinet of YES and CSSD.

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TOP has laughed at the health status of Zeman and hedgehog … symbol of right-wing redness and curvature Kalousek pod kudlou

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Kalousek is smiling today for all normal people :-)))
Poor who does not want the law to acquire his possession since 89 He has enough :-))

1 vote

No one has fallen asleep in the spot, or as a stupid thief and a bastard.

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where was the pious act of candidate and rat mate David Rath?

1 vote

Kalousek & # 39; s bacteria from the festering belly have probably hit the head.

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Darn, I do not know what you still have against Miroslav Kalousek. Sometimes I bought it together in the ice cream shop and he was totally cool 🙂

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Dough and ice cream? I do not want to believe that. Unless it was cognac …

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I do not think so. He is rather self-centered, he does not even think that anyone is attacking the connection between his Esteca career and today's events. Now he is only a revolutionary.

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haha, a member of the national front (only at the riverbed), someone who wanted to rule with the communists in 2006 (for those who do not remember, so it was the reason why he had to leave the people) wants someone cadre, really nice

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They seem to have taken some water from that Střešovice. With this intestine, finally, the lobotomy of the remnant destroyed by the spoils.

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The king of Cynic Babiš has the courage to worship with the victims in 1968, a disgrace. When Babiš entered the Communist Party in 1980, he had to draw a consensus about the arrival of troops and the international aid of the Warsaw Pact states. Now he feels that he is condemning it. In 1980-1989 he agreed to a hard party discipline, now embraced by democracy and the right to his own opinion. The king of Cynics and Careers Babis really does power and money to do something.

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The butterfly Emanuel is again a pearl of stupidity. Bacile comes under the wing kraďouska, magore !!!!!

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Sociologists have found that YES voters have the lowest education of all voters, something that will be self-evident, the truth that sometimes hurts.

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And that the members of the Prague café stove have supported this training. They were kicked in parliamentary elections as if they had presidential elections.

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Do you really think that babies only have people in primary education? to see the village, and as NO to Babis et al., this is quite a complete horse.

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Kalousek is one of the few intelligent politicians in our country. That is why he simply has opponents.

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It is so intelligent, but …

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The biggest shame is the black-skinned horn like Bartošek, the sultan and the patriarch Hermos, who robbed the state for almost 10 years as a blue spruce, the public have to criticize someone's dignity.

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