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Diplomacy has never been an easy job and the Czech diplomat is having a harder time than ever before. Who is his boss? The Minister of Home Affairs is the Minister of the Interior, so the line will be re-elected by the Prime Minister according to the instructions of the President, who has nothing to say because his constitutional role is representative.

So, the Czech diplomat can rely on the certainty that his is almost minister Hamacek, except that it would be Poche, which is unlikely, given Mr. Landovsky, who denies it, even if the president wants it (that one, who has nothing to say according to the constitution).

Prime Minister Babiš spoke about the Czech rule for the ambassador during a traditional meeting at the end of the summer. He was complete and unequivocal against ideas for a czexit. I offer a supportive argument: when the innkeeper's bulls turn the beer, we drop the inn instead of interrupting the pub. Babis calls for pressure to reform the Union. The pressure will also be invoked by the citizens themselves, because elections for the European Parliament will be held in May. It will be a pan-European event and it matters a lot. It is an opportunity to defeat a group of socialist renegades who have admitted the union of the union with Britain and are working on migration policy to create guarded borders between the EU countries.

Andrej Babiš contributes to eventual change with his clear attitude towards immigration. He rightly states that the "no immigrant" principle has a symbolic meaning. The attitude must be unambiguous as the pressure rises – the raids, but small, have all the character of military operations.

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Klaus ml. dull

Klaus spoke briefly. the public does not understand why we should be in Afghanistan. He is clearly unable to understand that there is a big difference when Muslim fanatics have the hands of a mountainous plain where they lead a guerrilla war, and when they dominate the entire state and start a war against the world at state level, especially with the support of the United Nations otherwise. That is why our soldiers and allies are in Afghanistan.

Now Klaus is coming back. he does not understand why the Russian occupation of 1968 is more acute than the German in 1939. If he thought a little, he might have come to that. Nowadays Germany has no army that smokes tobacco and does not threaten anyone, let alone occupy its territory. Russia is a permanent danger for all its neighbors. And only a total blind person does not see that the driving force behind the idea of ​​the Soviet Union was Russian nationalism. The war that Stalin and Hitler started and then turned against him was after all the patriotic war. All well understood by friends of Russia, such as the Communists or Milos Zeman.

Václav Klaus ml. is unpredictable in his opinion.

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