Babis honored the statements of the German diplomat on migrants, Poche said he would not be home

PRAGUE The appointment of Social Democrats to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Poche has a negative effect on Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YOE) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The head of the resort will not happen according to the prime minister. Babis said it on TV Prima & # 39; s show that he perceives the difficult situation in social democracy. The Prime Minister also sees a positive new statement from Heiko Maas, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that EU countries should not be forced to accept refugees for the upcoming meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

MEP Poche, who refused to appoint President Milos Zeman, is currently working as a political secretary at Czernin Palace. The ministry is provisionally led by CSSD chairman and Minister of Internal Affairs Jan Hamacek.

"I expect the (Social Democrats) to come up with news," Babiš said with the feeling that the CSSD would introduce someone else to the ministerial president, but the question is when he will. According to Babis, the new minister should identify himself with his view on foreign policy, which Poche does not recognize.

Babis welcomed the idea that no one should be forced to accept refugees

He said that some other German and European politicians have similar views. He is supported, for example, by the Chairman of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU / CSU), with whom he meets on a Wednesday trip to Berlin. He reiterated that the Czech Republic is a solid, illegal refugee but refuses to accept it.

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The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Sunday in a Sunday edition of the tabloid and the most readable picture that the EU would not allow it to continue to spread. Individual EU Member States should not be forced to accept refugees by majority vote and not by unanimity. However, the countries that refuse to accept the refugees must help differently, for example in Africa.

Addressing the situation where some EU states, including the so-called Visegrad Four (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary), impede the admission of migrants, could tell the German diplomat that they would help differently. "Anyone who does not want to accept refugees must take his responsibility elsewhere, for example, in Africa, to explain the causes of why people flee," Maas said.

"The Czech Republic is solidarity, and from 2015 it sent 2.1 billion dollars, in addition to money to Turkey," said the Czech prime minister.

In Berlin, the Czech Prime Minister is coming Wednesday to negotiate with Merkel on migration, the EU budget, bruxism and the euro elections. In addition to European themes, they focus on bilateral relationships, such as road construction and science and research collaboration. In addition to Babis, President Milos Zeman plans to go to Germany in the second half of September. A meeting with Merkel and a meeting with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier are waiting for him. On his way to Germany, Zeman will continue to visit the neighboring countries of the Czech Republic.

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