Babiš proposes to raise the minimum wage by a maximum of one thousand crowns. In September, the government must decide – CT24 – Czech television

A radical proposal was made Monday by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jan Malacova (CSSD). According to his concept, the minimum wage in the Czech Republic could be increased in 2020, so that it would correspond to half the average wage of two years earlier (in the case of 2020 this year, a year later in 2019).

With its proposal, the prime minister does not agree with this.

According to the president of the Union of Industry and Transport Jaroslav Hanák, however, the current proposal, which affects 50 percent of the average salary in Pre-Lombard, populist and employers, can damage it.

"The economy is absolutely at the top, but labor productivity is not increasing The minimum wage is 135 thousand people, but if you lift it, you have to raise wages on all floors, even for the most powerful," said Hanak Monday.

The Malaccini design has reduced the criticism of the right-wing opposition (ODS and TOP 09). According to them, the people with the lowest income would be the result, because they would be dismissed by employers with a substantial increase in the minimum wage.

The pirates, for example, have also been very careful with the proposal. They appreciated that raising the minimum wage for businesses would be feasible. However, the proposed growth in itself would be very burdensome for entrepreneurs, which should be accompanied by a significant reduction in social and health insurance contributions.

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