Babiš pulled out a bubble-tree, the governor of YES took a member of the ODS. He also played Michal David

The wedding, which was attended by dozens of guests, took place in the church of St. Three Kings in Stanovice. The eminent bishop of Pilsen, František Radkovský, celebrated the long-standing acquaintance of the regional president of the YES and the president of the regional ODS-association

The preparation for the church ceremony was preceded by Jana Vildumetzová and baptized and baptized her partner. After the wedding ceremony, the banquet took place on a farm owned by a well-known entrepreneur, František Piškanin, the YES supporter. Babis: Jana married Jana, we have a coalition

Prime Minister Andrej Babis Blesk "We have a coalition in the Karlovy Vary region with the ODS Jana married Jan, I wish them very good luck let it go.Today I learned that Jana Vildumetz was a gym teacher, and I understand why he is counting the advice of the Karlovy Vary region.It is just an hour of gymnastics. "

 Regional car for football: husband of the governor Jerman run by kodiaqem

"The dress was made in my own design, they are atypical and yet simple, they are made of black and white, in white, but their use was a bit of a problem, and many people helped me to see that one week before the wedding, I do not know if I have anything to do, "she told Vildumetz.

Among the guests Hnilička i Váňa

After the wedding, the governor will use the surname Mračková Vildumetz. Among the guests were colleagues Vildumetz from the regional council or, for example, the musician Karel Vagner or the jockey Josef Váña

There was also a former hockey player, one of the Nagan heroes and now deputy Milan Hnilička (ANO). "We know it from the chamber of deputies, she is an active sportswoman and she is also very interested in sports, not only as a deputy but also as a governess." So we often treat these questions together. to have placed her with my friends and invited me to such a party, "said Blesk.

He came with his wife and said: "I think we were all loved, they had a very nice ceremony in the church, it was a very nice atmosphere."

Duck with Carlsbad dumplings [19659003] Although they are currently the bride and groom politics on the other side, their knowledge is still in the time that Vildumetz was a member of the ODS and was behind this party in the regional council. She is now a prominent figure in YES, the governor, president of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic and deputy

By the end of the year she is supposed to give up the position of governor and only if substitute. As the post of governor, the boss of the Association of Regions & MEPs and MEPs has recently been above her power and above all at the expense of the family

Even Mraček is not just a permanent member of the ODS. In addition to the regional president, he is also a member of the executive board of the ODS. "We wanted to marry in our region, where we were both born" Vildumetz said to Dení

The wedding museum was the traditional duck of Karlovy Vary "We are already six years old together and love ourselves Our quote for the wedding announcement describes it best: we were looking for happiness and found ourselves, "she added.

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