Babiš to the beer, Kalousek after the operation was aborted: a sharp attack from the hospital bed

Miroslav Kalousek worked during the week due to abdominal pain and bowel problems at the Military Hospital in Prague & # 39; s Střešovice, on Friday his assistant Ondřej Jakob was visiting. Kalousek stays in the hospital, the extraordinary parliamentary meeting on pensions, which will take place on Wednesday, August 22, will not be enough. But his condition is better. This is proven by his return to social networks.

"Andrej Babiš never understands that disability is not due to personal wealth but to personal morality He does not understand because he lives long been corrupt After all, he was brought up Meet the President of the Council against corruption, "Kalousek went to Andrew Babis.

This is because he is a prime minister in comparison with earlier times when former Minister of Justice Robert Pelikan formerly served as chairman of the Government Council for

Babis: No one can corrupt me

Some opposition parties have weeks of criticism that Babiš, who is being prosecuted for alleged suppression of fraud in the Cape Hat case, criticized the council. Babis said this week that he is and will be the president. "Because nobody can spoil me ", he said. He repeated that he was being prosecuted. "And what does a criminal prosecution have to do with corruption?

While Kalousek Babies is now blaming for a lifetime corruption for Babis, the former finance minister is" a symbol of corruption ", a "liar" "Thief" or "tunnel" Moreover, in the past he said to him in the past: " Here is a problem? Here is the problem that the eleventh commandment of Kalouska is: You will not prove it "They are like fire and water, and their shootings will soon end up in the plenum plenum – after the rest of Kalousk

Kalousek responded to the joke, Babis went north

Mutual antipathies continue to manifest The patient, Kalousek, also commented from the Military Hospital on Reflex's hospital joke: "Sir Owl had to take a vacation, so Dr. Čáp would work here. "" In that case I would sign the reverse and die on God's hand, sent by Kalousek

Andrej Babiš, boasted on the sensitive string Kalouska, who a strict diet follows, boasted on Facebook with a photo of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm on Sunday From the starter on Sunday and the Pilsner beer. Already on Friday, Babiš also had a wedding – MEP Jana Vildumetz, who was still the governor of the Karlovy Vary region. Babiš visited the north of Bohemia – Jablonec on Saturday.

Council against corruption and prosecuted Prime Minister

But now without pleasure With regard to the aforementioned anti-corruption council now led by the public prosecutor, the current government proposes that the prime minister becomes the head of the council for the future Moreover, it should be extended by two members to the 19th Minister of Justice, Jan Kněžínek (for JA), who should play the role of coordinating the fight against corruption at government level.

At question Blesk In an interview shortly after his appointment, the minister said that Minister Knezinko did not pay attention to his advice, although Robert Pelikan was in charge here, I have never held a position ]so I will not search for this. "

According to the Knezinko, this is not a problem, not even from the point of view of the organization of work." The units involved in the coordination of the fight against corruption still form part of the Legislative Council the government that leads the Kněžínek, and officials working for example on legislation on the lobbying or protection of whistleblowers

but the president of Andrei Babiš on the Council against corruption, it was already under the statute of the government council, adopted in 2014 draws attention to the current ministerial justice "This is not new. That statute provides from the beginning that the prime minister will be the prime minister, and only when the government as a whole decides to delegate another member of the government, he becomes the chairman of the council. This is not the case, and of course it is legitimate, I respect it, " Kněžínek added to the current state

In addition to some ministers, the council is convened by the director of the National Center against Organized Crime, head of GIBS, chief prosecutor, president of the Union of Cities and Municipalities, President of the Association of Regions & # 39; s, president of the Chamber of Commerce and seven representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations,

The representatives of non-profit organizations are a bit spicy, because it is now debatable how much the Babiš government ultimately gets out of money for the non-profit sector. The three billion originally spoken are not

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