Babiš took the newly married couple from YES and the ODS. What gave them a gift and where are the honeymoons?

According to the bride of Jana Mračková Vildumetz it was definitely a good mood. She is convinced that they liked it, just like the other wedding guests. On August 17, when she said "YES" with Jan Mraček of the ODS, she became a second aunt, so she and her husband went to the hospital for a wedding.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis participated in the celebration of the party, which he did not miss after the wedding of Jaroslava Pokorna Jermanová nor the wages of other hejtman in YES. She and her newly married couple went behind the wheel of their wedding minibus and "took them". The marriage enjoyed the prime minister, but he came without Monika's wife.

Relaxing stay of Babis

Vildumetz was of course happy with the cooperation of the boss. "She was very pleased with us, I really appreciate that the Prime Minister has found his time in his enormous work and indeed came to our wedding." He had fun with all the guests, he played with the children kicking, dancing, eating and drinking and as always human and natural. We received a gift, of course, a bouquet of beautiful roses and a relaxing stay ", says Blesk News.

On the first hint of the wedding coalition, YES said that with ODS she and her husband have become accustomed to various affiliations of parties and home is no obstacle. "We were together six years before the wedding, so we had plenty of time to get used to it we are not trying to resolve the privacy policy. Of course there are times when we discuss politics on TVbut this is common in other families, "says Vildumetz.

Michal David also played them

With the wedding as such, which is traditionally the culmination of a long planning, the governor is satisfied. "The process of the wedding was not a mistake and we all enjoyed it so naturally there was a lot of nervousness in the preparations to make it happy and everyone was happy, but eventually everything came, including the weather. says Vildumetz.

On the plate, traditional broth and duck were not included in other dumplings than Carlsbad. Michael David came to cheer. "We both loved David and we wanted him at the wedding. He was as perfect as ever, and maybe they all danced and had fun, "smiles Vildumetz.

Andrej Babiš at the wedding of the governor Jana Vildumetzová (both YES)Andrej Babiš at the wedding of the governor Jana Vildumetzová (both YES) |

Honeymoon in the Indian Ocean

The governor of the Karlovy Vary region took the Mrakka in the church in Stanovice, and then he had a farm on the estate of entrepreneur František Piškanin, who paid the support of the Babiš movement.

What is the next step? Will a political couple honeymoon? The House, which is Vildumetz, will hold an extraordinary meeting on 22 August to tackle the pension situation. The next meeting is scheduled for September 11th on an already planned, scheduled date for which parliamentary holidays would end.

"At the end of next week we will leave for a honeymoon to the Indian Ocean, but I have to be back on September 2so I can welcome our new puppies on Monday 3 September, "says Vildumetz about the honeymoon.

Jana Vildumetz (ANO) took the policy of the ODS on Jan Mračka on Friday 17 August 2018 in StanoviceJana Vildumetz (ANO) took the policy of the ODS on Jan Mračka on Friday 17 August 2018 in Stanovice |

With his son to the altar. And from the wedding to the nursing home

To the church ceremony in the Church of St. The Three Kings, Vildumetz adds: "The ecclesiastical ceremony led by Emperor Bishop František Radkovský was beautiful, moving and binding, it did not happen to me and I checked everything in the morning. before I put the handkerchief on every couch in the church, and that turned out to be a good idea, because they all said they'd used it. "

Vildumetz has an adult 19-year-old son who plays racing hockey – currently in Kladno, in the past he also worked in Sweden. Although his team played the game at the time of the ceremony, the coach released him. "My son could have taken me to the altar," thanks to the coach of the distance, who had celebrated a family party at the weekend.

"My husband has no children, but on the day of our marriage jehis sister was born in Jiřík, so I am now a double aunt and we want a lot of health for the little one and his mother, "he adds.

Departures from the government are valid. By the end of the year

Earlier Vildumetz advised that she would reduce her job because of her family's job. In addition to the Karlovy Vary region, the Association of Regions & # 39; s of the Czech Republic also leads. She was also a deputy at the Ministry of the Interior, but the JA rearranged the CSSD.

Only a member remains in the future, she has now confirmed. "It is a great effort to master the full function of the Governor, the President of the Association of Regions & Members and the member, and often this is at the expense of my health and family. That is why I want to leave the position of governor and head of the association at the end of the year. I will continue to work in the Chamber of Deputies, "he adds.

Andrej Babiš, the head of the movement, also marries last year. He has taken a long time partner of Monika on the nest of Čapi:

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