Back to back. Antitrust and opt for assessment of the dispute

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The new bag Rafaj opens the theoretical way to change the original position and increases the attitude of the CzechTool towards the competition of souls.

Decided to go for the last moment. Everyone exists to change the system administrator. The contract with Kapsch was late in December, a new system for keen traffic, according to the ministry in the period of 14 msc. the alleged decision about the court's anti-monopoly in the Rafah district will return to the original hearing.

Traces on flash drives

According to Rafa, the original woman did not contain procedural errors and there were also racist acts, but in the most important events the ministry did not take into account the circumstances. At first he called the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management a way to document billions of dollars in the public account. These documents were received by the participants in the auction on scratchable flash drives. Therefore, it was not possible to prove whether all recipients had all the necessary information.

In this case, the bag did not know that the documentation contained information about the existing system, of which the author was Kapsch Telematic Services, said the OHS, adding that none of the other candidates had opposed the procedure. Everyone eventually got a brand new satellite system, according to Czech Tol, which made the accuracy of the technical description of the old system no difference.

The anti-monopoly advertisement abolished the tender for me, the ministry tried to scare

Even Rafaj pointed out that the first woman was not involved in the content of the individual discs and did not know how the influence of the changes in these materials could have on the audience. Until the reopening of the assessment, the salary for the Ministry of Transport will conclude a contract with the selected member of the Executive Board.

The tendency is in the press

The Ministry of Transport has stated that the agreement with the new operator must be negotiated in the Latvian yen in order to cope with the system. The lack of awareness of the OHS, according to its spokesperson Martin Vandy, gives the edn to make the decision as quickly as possible. Standard time is 60 days in these cases.

According to Onde Zaoral, specialist in the system, he wants to get new, realistic technologies. I Kapsch had his system installed for years on the ASP press and it took 11 ms. On the other hand, it is easy to set up a new green meadow system in order not to work on another technology in the field, adds Zaoral from Inoxive.

How do you choose me?

(in account K)

2007 – 5.56

2008 – 6.14

2009 – 5.54

2010 – 6.57

2011 – 8.13

2012 – 8.68

2013 – 8.55

2014 – 8.71

2015 9.73

2016 – 9.89

2017 – 10.4

Optimistically, the most recent day in the city was assessed by Transport Minister Dan Ok, according to which advertisement must first analyze the full text chosen for the procedure. Similarly, CzechToll was also led by the CzechToll, who said that the new system will be in force on 1 January, if the arbitrator decides to end the race.

Concurrently, Kapsch pointed out that the OHS had not yet disclosed the details of the terms of the contract that the company sent to him. In this the current gates of my gates are in vain, and the price of the price is also determined by immobility. Last but not least, the company points out that the circumstances prefer so-called satellite technology and discriminate against the systems used by Kapsch.

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