BIS warns against the militia. They also want to be ready for the Third World War

Not only in the streets of Nymburk can you meet the militia. She looks at the streets of the city. For example, for MF Today she introduced a woman in her pants and coat, she goes to her husband Jaroslav around the Elbe. "We can easily be attacked from the backup," she said.

BIS warns against the militia. They also want to be ready for the Third World War
caption: BIS badge

A woman voluntarily performs her activity in her free time. The city wants to protect it against anyone who wants to attack it. And such people grow, according to MF Dnes, in the Czech Republic. And the BIS warns them. It states that militias threaten the security of the country because the militiamen tend to solve everything independently. An example is Saxony.

The BIS also warns that battlefields are trying to cooperate with regional government organizations, police or police officers. Domobranci practicing in the forest with pistols, knives, throwing starfish. In total there are about two thousand in the Czech Republic.

At the end of April, for example, they were practicing in the small village of Žítková near Starý Hrozenkov on the Czech-Slovak border, where forty militants had left.

"The sweet dreams have ended, now is the time for action! It is far better to be prepared for everything, including the third world war, and to hope that it is unnecessary before it can not be prepared at all and then surprised", writes the militia militants of the domina church in Zemďra in a leaflet.

Miroslav Mareš, an expert in the field of extremism at Masaryk University, warned MF Dnes that cities and government agencies should not underestimate the activities of militias. "I think they pose a threat," Mares said, pointing to the rhetoric and opinions he said.

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