Cities help students to help. Parents come to a thousand!

In 2012, the Ministry of Education canceled the payment of the so-called pillowcase, which was used for the purchase of school aids for children who were children for the first time. Parents who received child benefit were entitled to this job. After the abolition, some cities and municipalities decided to continue helping the first-timers.

Since 2012, the so-called collaged city Frýdlant has been introduced in the Liberec region. The financial contribution is provided by the city each year and will remain the same this year.

Each first person receives an amount of 800 crowns. "The arrival of a child in the first class is financially demanding for parents, so we want to give some parents a better feeling about getting the necessary equipment, so we decide to pay 800 crowns to each student to buy the tools, but the amount is not paid to the parents of the child, some municipalities, but only one school that helps children with AIDS, "says mayor Frydlant Dan Ramzer on the city's website.

Parents who wish to receive a contribution must complete the application. The mail can then be used to purchase briefcases, postcards or other visual aids. "For the so-called" colored pencils "we buy children's art tools, such as colored pencils, models, squares, tubes, watercolors or adhesives and scissors, as well as writing boards, this year 80,000 crowns, it helps 100 new primates, said the headmaster of primary school, the basic art academy and the kindergarten Frýdlant Petr Kozlovský.

Colored medals also receive the freshmen from the city of Prostějov, which will contribute CZK 1,000. České Budějovice also provides a gift to school children of 400 CZK. Colored pencils are introduced here in 2012. If your child has a bias, contact your office in your city.

View the report on the purchase of school aids for children who are children for the first time:

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