Columns on the ring road of Prague: traffic makes a serious accident in Třebonice to the airport, two injuries

The accident with the truck and the van was closed at 8.30 pm today around 9.30 am on the D7. "The exiles were transferred to the rescuers. We offer an accident against fire, " said the spokesman for the fireman Martin Kavka in Prague. The rescuers then carried two wounded people with multiple injuries to the hospital. "Both men aged 47 and 36 were aware," said Jan Poštova, spokesman for the rescue service in Prague. A rescue helicopter flew into place.

The accident happened between the descents in Jinočany and Orech and at the time of the intervention it was closed for about an hour. Then a lane for the driver was set up around 9.00 am with the road completely open. thebut the traffic in the tunnels of Cholupice and Lochkov is controlled by traffic lights, according to information from the National Transport Information Center.

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