Conquered Český Krumlov could ease the purchase of the Vítkov dvůr. The state would go to 100 million – CT24 – Czech television

"Český Krumlov is a very popular place, and if it was extended, this part would certainly help." It is a fact that Český Krumlov earns a lot of money, five hundred thousand paying visitors come here a year, we could do it. visitors are enriching and we have to convince the owner to sell the yard at a good price, because I think the private person would not buy it, "said Babis.

A one-off investment, including the purchase of the Kvitkov yard and its extension over several years, would amount to more than one hundred million. Nadezhda Goryczková, the head of the National Monument Institute, assumes that the money would come from nature conservationists and the Ministry of Culture.

"We have calculated that traffic can be very cost-effective and we would not want funds for the state budget, we would all cover our own income, we want to introduce the function of the elegant economic court, which in the past was the court of Kviček, "explained Goryczkova. Minister of Culture Antonín Staněk (CSSD) noted that investing in the Kvítkov dvůr could mean that money is limited to other monuments.

The castle and the castle of Český Krumlov visited more than 460 thousand people last year. It is the most visited monument of South Bohemia. In the future, the tours will be extended with the garden museum, which will be built in the vegetable garden of Paraplice. Ends the promenade along the boulevard of the mountain garden.

Turn Babiš does not want to move

When questioning the dispute around the revolving auditorium, Babiš repeated that the turntable should stay where he is now in the castle garden. The turret has made emotions long. Babis argues that people have become used to it and do not like changes. That is why he wants to invest 200 million in the reconstruction and background for the artist.

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