Contaminated sites in the Czech Republic as a result of the stay in the Soviet Army – Our water

50 years ago, the Warsaw Pact troops entered the territory of the Czech Republic, and the Soviet army remained there for 23 years. According to the portal, Soviet soldiers used 73 different locations during their stay.

After their departure, the occupiers on our territory (among other things) have left considerable environmental damage. In particular, the groundwater pollution is petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, but also polychlorinated biphenyls, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Although the rehabilitation work began at the sites abandoned by the Soviet army almost immediately after the occupation forces had left, and in most of the affected areas the necessary remediation had already taken place, all the ecological burdens caused by Soviet soldiers are so far eliminated.

Data from the SEKM database show that there are still 154 contaminated locations in the Czech Republic as a result of the activities of the Soviet army (see map). CENIA, the Czech environmental information agency, has participated in the NIKM project (national inventory of contaminated sites) since 2009 to develop a methodology for a comprehensive inventory of contaminated and potentially contaminated sites and to categorize the priorities in the Czech Republic.

At this moment the second phase of the project, NIKM 2, is being carried out, with which the information about contaminated sites in the Czech Republic will be sensibly inventoried and evaluated. The inventory output is filled with a database of infected sites where each site has a priority listing. The goal is the most complete capture and basic evaluation of polluted and potentially contaminated sites in the Czech Republic.

Source:, map (contaminated sites by the activities of the Soviet Army in the Czech Republic) SEKM

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