Controversial comrades: the leading communist denied the occupation, Semel refused "to rewrite history"

"I have taken it consistently, I have made a point about it … I see it as a historical event that happened naturally and can not be ignored," said ČT member Stanislav Grospič Invasion of August 1968.

Do you see it as an activity of what happened? Repeatedly, Grospich asked in the Events, comments from Svetlana Witowska. Grospič generally began to talk about the fact that it was also characterized by Czechoslovak society and the communist movement. And then …

Comrade Grospic: Profession? It was not a protector

But then there was another moment when the current Communists revealed how invasive they were. "From my point of view, it was the entrance of the troops that went to the Czechoslovak Republic, what should not have happened, although it happened. It happened under the circumstances that for twenty years the effort to build another society had apparently been extended, "said Grospic, whose red star in the party hierarchy was slightly higher again.At the last KSČM congress in Nymburk, where deputies usually called "comrade, comrade", he became vice-chairman of the party.

"And in this context, I think it was to some extent the victory of Pyrrha, and I would be careful with the use of the word "occupation" because I think it might be necessary to speak Compared to the Nazi occupation, when the protectorate was a completely different regime, there was a legitimate government at the time, there was no patron, there were no guidelines here, "Grospic said.

He was amazed at the studio. "Even the communist government described it as an activity at the time. Even the Politburo of the Communist Party, "said Jiri Dienstbier, senator and examiner for human rights (CSA).

Semel got international help

Grospic joined the side of Marty Semel, who in the past also refused to occupy the Soviet tanks. This was also the case in Czech TV, where she stated that she had made known the Communist persecution victims, Milada Horakova, and on the contrary, Vasily Biľak, the signatories of the invitation letter before 21 August 1968, declared that he was "an important politician of Czechoslovakia. "and was a" positive figure ".

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"I would not call it in any way, that the troops came here … I would call it international aid, but as Communist Party and Communist Movement we have many problems in the future when people view the Communist Party … ", said Semel in February 2014.

It was during the 50th anniversary of the occupation that Semel appeared during a protest in Prague 6, where the dispute over a new commemorative plaque resembled his role as Marshal Koněv before the invasion in August. Sheel arrived at a demonstration with a refused rewriting history.

It is the current Communists who interpret history in their own way. This was also expressed during an interview by KSČM chairman Vojtech Philip for The Guardian when the deputy speaker spoke about the fact that the forces of the armed forces were not Russians but the Ukrainians on August 21, 1968 – even because the Ukrainian was also Leonid Brezhnev.

MEPs: it was about occupation

In the Chamber of Deputies today, the deputies ended in an extraordinary pension meeting. Chef of the KDU-CSL Group or Deputies Jan Bartošek MEPs asked for the inclusion of the point "in memory of the commemoration of the victims of the 50th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops in 1968".

"Whether the Communist Party in the Czech Republic or Russia behaves in a way that deviates and distorts what happened in 1968" people complained.

The Parliament then adopted a resolution in the wording: "The Chamber of Deputies states that the invasion of the five Warsaw Pact troops in August 1968 in Czechoslovakia was an act of invasion and subsequent occupation and was contrary to international law." "The Chamber of Deputies must speak in plain language and make it clear that it was an invasion and occupation for Czechoslovakia – then Czechoslovakia." added Bartošek.

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