Customs broke video of arrests of tax cuts, confiscated luxury cars & # 39; s and millions –

Criminalists at the NCIZ branch in Olomouc have worked on the case from March 2017 to April this year.

According to them, the accusations were aimed at avoiding taxes in connection with the purchase of goods abroad and subsequent sales in the Czech Republic. Reportedly, companies involved in purpose-built chains with pretentious purchases have emerged.

The police accused eight people of tax cuts with a loss of 70 million crowns

The police also provided a luxury watch

PHOTO: Czech customs administration

"The so-called white horses were in the position of executive officers in these companies, but companies had to deal with accused natural persons who had clearly defined powers and shared tasks to systematically and systematically reduce and tax VAT," Jaroslav said. Ibehej, spokesman for NCOZ, Tuesday.

The four defendants sent the court in custody

The police and customs officers carried out 16 house inspections and other buildings in Prague and Central Bohemia and confiscated five million crowns of banknotes, Ferrari and BMW, and nine luxury watches of several hundred thousand crowns. They found about 40 million crowns in the bank accounts.

Police and group companies and companies accused of tax cuts, participation in an organized crime group and money laundering.

The police accused eight people of tax cuts with a loss of 70 million crowns

House searches revealed millions of crowns in cash.

PHOTO: Czech customs administration

"For the time being, documented damage is nearly 70 million crowns, according to criminals, and the four defendants took the custodian, and in the case of a final verdict, all prisoners are threatened with a prison sentence of up to 10 years in prison," he said.

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