Defense officer Titus for an army of nearly seven billion will deliver Eldis –

Last week, the Minister of Defense decided to replace the contractor. According to Pejska, Eldis is the holder of the correct security clearance and has also obtained a license from the French manufacturer Nexter Systems. Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar said he would soon inform the government about the change of supplier.

"Vehicle reinforcement Titus has been one of the army's priorities for several years, and soldiers need this technique and my goal is to complete the project successfully and quickly," he said.

The army is requesting 42 armored wheeled vehicles from the command personnel and connecting and 20-wheeled armored vehicles from the MKPP (instead of coordinating the fire support), including logistics and training.

"The estimated value of the order is 5.7 billion crowns with VAT, another 950 million CZK has been allocated for five years of service support," Pejšek said.

Tatra Export without assessment

The government approved the order last July. However, Tatra Export has not obtained the required security clearance because the documentation for the installation of communication systems and cryptographic devices has been classified. "That is why the Ministry of Defense accepted a proposal to change supplier," the spokesman remarked.

Problems with Tatra Export has long been a response to the assessment. That is why the order has been suspended. According to Pejsek, the military vehicles should be between 2020 and 2025.

Ereda, who specializes in the production of active radar systems according to his website, has been Jiri Sauer since late November 2017.

This figure also occurs in other companies associated with CSG, such as Retia and CSG Aerospace. Since the end of January, the Czechoslovak group Michal Strnad, the son of the founder Jaroslav Strnad, owns.

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