Drahos has launched a campaign in the Senate, focused on transport and education

An unsuccessful presidential candidate from the previous direct elections would like to travel to the Senate, for example to transport or education.

Prague – About three dozen volunteers and the representatives of TOP 09, the Starters and Independents (STAN), the Greens and the KDU-ČSL have opened a campaign for the Senate elections in Prague 4, the former president of the Academy of Sciences, Jiří Drahoš, in the Jezerce Theater. An unsuccessful presidential candidate from the last direct election speaks to the electorate by saying: "Let's merge it." To which senator club he would go if he were to come to the upper room, Drahos would only act after the elections.

Drahos told reporters that he wants to bring people together and looks for what connects them. "Let's look for the people with whom we agree on fundamental matters, support someone who is against evil, against injustice and further liberation from our freedom," he said. The Senate, for example, wants to modernize transport, including the construction of the metro line D Prague, and would also engage in education. "It is necessary to teach not only children, young people and students, but also at a more advanced age," he said.

Miloš Zeman & # 39; s opponent of the second round of presidential elections in January came to support the launch of the campaign by the TOP 09 President Jiří Pospíšil, STAN Vice President Vít Rakušan, the Senate of the People's Republic Petr Šilar and the President of the Greens Petr Štěpánek. With the parties that have supported him, Drahoš has the agreement that he will only decide after the election in which senatorial club he will join. "We will leave the question until the bear is caught, I will concentrate now to win," he said.

Drahos has seven opponents in the elections of Prague 4, including the current senator for this district, Eva Syková, who had a fight with stem cell therapy when he was president of the Academy of Sciences. ODS deployed entrepreneur and former representative in the Martin Dvorak triathlon. The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) stand with Ms Mirka Skovajs, the KSČM has deployed former 4 deputy Karel Skoupil, SPD manager Jiří Kocman and Realist of the writer and publicist Benjamin Kuras. For the Dost movement there is enough to stand before the musician Rudolf Mazač.

In October, a third of the upper room, 27 of the 81 seats, will be chosen. Prague is chosen in four districts – in Prague 2, Prague 4, Prague 8 and Prague 12. Circuits do not exactly coincide with the territory of the districts to which they are named. The district Prague 4 covers the entire territory of the district, except the cadastral districts Hodkovičky and Lhotka.

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