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"We will only put Prague together with the Czech Republic, let's look at what connects us," Drahoš said. He said he wanted to stand steadfast against terrifying politicians & # 39 ;.

"Certain people are afraid that we will agree to join in. They are people who put things in perspective, question the pro-Western orientation and the populist promise to everything," Drahos said.

"People ask me how to deal with the current political marasm, I say to them: to find the people we agree with, to support everyone who is against evil and who is hindering the destruction of our freedom," said Drahoš.

During the press conference he also spoke about subjects that are more relevant to municipal politicians, but at the same time they can involve voters in his senate district.

"There is a circle in Prague, the bridges are falling, the metro D is missing and the modernization of transport is lacking," said Drahoš, although he did not solve the local problems as a senator. He later added that his priority would be to complete Metro D and the laws that are necessary for that. Focus would also be on education.

Support from four sides

The Drahoshov press conference was attended by representatives of four parties supporting his candidacy: TOP 09-chairman Jiří Pospíšil, STAN member Vít Rakušan, the senator of the country Petr Šilar and chairman of the Green Party Petr Štěpánek.

Drahos said it is still unclear which Senate club he would enter if he wins. "We agreed that we would not leave the Senate until after the catch of the bear," the candidate said.

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