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At the beginning of the story there was a regular road check on the Ostravská street in Havířov, which took place an hour after midnight. At the sign of the police the woman slowed first, but then she gasped and the patrol began to run.

"The vehicle went high on the roundabout and after crossing the railway crossing it continued to drive," said police spokeswoman Zlatuše Viačková.

The driver traveled through the streets of Engels, Lidická, M. Pujmanová and Těšínská until they reached Petřvaldská and then Šenovská street. "While watching the passing vehicle, the police still gave the sound and light signals to stop, but the driver gave no sign of any other direction, she drove in the opposite direction, sometimes at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. ", the spokesman said.

"In Petřvald on the Šenovská street, the driver suddenly turned to Racing Street, but the maneuver failed and hit the brick pillar of the family house fence," sketches Viačková.

The passenger took his handcuffs

There were two other people next to the driver and her 62-year-old driver. "One of the cars was picked up by police officers, a second patrol officer," the spokesman added. The man was vulgar in the process, the police insulted and his aggression increased. "He began to kick the police and put an active grudge under constant vulgar torture, so police officers have put his handcuffs on him," says Viackova.

When checking documents, the police discovered that the woman did not have a driver's license. "The testing for alcohol and drug abuse was positive and therefore the woman was taken to the local hospital to take," she said, adding that no injuries had occurred during the intervention. The total provisional damage to the damaged gate and the car was estimated at 100 thousand crowns.

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