Elections would win the YES movement by 28 percent. Pirates are getting stronger, ODS is getting worse

Only 15 percent of non-governmental voters are satisfied with Czech development. The elections would win by 28 percent YES in August, the sympathizers are also the most satisfied. The pirates are on the rise. Baby's party is likely to vote for retirees, while sympathizers decrease with age decline.

Prague – The elections in August would win YES with 28 percent of the votes. This is the result of the election model of Kantar TNS, which was published by Czech television on Sunday. The political situation in the Czech Republic was 26% positive in August, according to a study.

YES would have almost the same result as in June. The pirates have increased by 15 percent. On the contrary, the third ODS was worse than 13 percent. According to the office, all nine sides that are now displayed in the lower room would be in the lower room.

"When we look at people who are retired, the YES movement currently has 42 percent support, and there have been times, not so long ago, where it has risen to 50 percent, then those preferences shrink with declining age," ČT said. analyst Pavel Ranocha. He said that only twenty-one percent of people support YES.

The August score of August would be half a percentage point worse than in July, when the movement was 28.5 percent. Three steps to 13 percent would improve pirates. Behind them, the citizens' democrats would lose 2.5 percentage points in two months, and in August they would receive 13 percent.

Kuber: The fall of ODS can be caused by Klaus, the younger one

"We are giving the start of the campaign before the municipal elections a lot to the Pirates, and we see no clear support for ODS," Ranocha said. According to him, it can only be a local fluctuation in the data.

According to Senator Jaroslav Kuber (Civic Democrats), the drop in ODS preferences could influence Vaclav Klaus younger in Senate elections in public by Ladislav Jakl, who is candidate for the SPD. "It is possible that it can have some influence", thinks the senator.

Moreover, the Communists and the SPD would be the same with eight percent. The Social Democrats had 2.5 percentage points and gained 6.5 percent of the votes, as did the STAN movement. The 5 per cent threshold required for access to the Chamber of Deputies would currently exceed KDU-ČSL by 5.5 per cent and TOP 09 by 5 per cent.

The poll also showed that only 26 percent of respondents regarded the political situation in August as very good or good. But it is five percentage points more than in June.

The most satisfied with the political situation in the country are voters from the YO government movement. "There was 38 percent in June and 59 percent in June," says CT co-author Pavel Ranoch. He added that this is by far the highest number of all political parties.

Of the CSSD voters 38 percent of the respondents are satisfied with the political situation. "It's about 15 percent on other parties," Ranoch said.

An investigation by TNT Cantar took place between 4 and 26 August. It involved 1,200 respondents.

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