Evaluated the satisfaction of the user of the passive apartment building for seniors

In residential buildings, the quality of the internal environment is a criterion for the satisfaction of the people living there. One of the forms that can provide the necessary information is subjectively evaluated. This form of research was carried out by residents of the passive apartment building for seniors in Modicch. It has been involved in 25 years and 12 years with an average age of 77 years. The research of doloil, senioi, is able and willing to accept the passive house conditions.


The strong stature of the company is how it is designed in the life cycles of the construction process to realize energy savings. There is a complex of conditions and opates that build on the design, the influences that determine the construction activity during the construction, the circumstances created during the actual operation and thus the moments when the building will fulfill its functions or the deposits on the rush are high. and will act decides to remove it. For the exploitation of buildings, the Czech Republic has become a remarkable event called Zelen Sporm. This dotan title enabled irokm populations to implement rational energy in energy disasters. This resulted in:

  1. the energy consumption of buildings,
  2. the consumption of energy on water;
  3. replaced by unsuitable heat sources;
  4. limited living space caused by poor quality incinerators.

This is not a condition for constructive or technological procedures. You have to drink and apply new knowledge, which is not so simple. Necessarily chosen to open through the knowledge of a pocket practical practitioner and architect stle jet considers as a facility that will not grow and without the need for support only to achieve. It is clear that not only abroad but also in the Czech Republic a number of buildings were realized in which this condition was not fulfilled – realization was realized in the intentions of construction and its own functioning has become incomparably economic. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to design the object to obtain an energy focus, preferably at the level of a passive house, where others should build new constructions and repairs of the buildings to become energy efficient. The optimization of these opates can be summarized in the following sections:

  • to choose the orientation of the building to the world in order to allow passive use of the sun of the sunny woman;
  • Consider the compactness of the building determined by the geometry and the ratio of the cooled surface A and huge space the;
  • to choose a light and opaque structure when building boundaries with a low heat transfer coefficient with the values ​​defined in SN 73 0540-2: 2011 YOUYOUN;
  • eliminate heat bridges and heat energy bonds;
  • to select the energy permeability of transparent surfaces when building boundary systems with a parameter g ≥ 0.5;
  • to limit the overall first period of the roof of the building when the conditions are met n50 < n50, N;
  • apply renewable energy sources;
  • to propose sustainable management of wastewater and rainwater.

These assets, related to the condition of the internal environment, are performed by the building. They become passive apartment buildings for seniors (PBDS) in Modice near Brno.

FIG. 1 Leteck
FIG. 1 Leteck view of the PBDS surface in Modicch, photo by Jakub Nahodil

Constructive PBDS

FIG. 2 tanks for suit
FIG. 2 Reservoirs for collecting water, photo Josef Chybk

PBDS builds building objects – SO1-input, SO2-pavlains and SO3-corridors, assembled in the form of the letter "U", Fig. 1. All are accessible without the need to create barriers. Dm SO1 is two-lane. It prevents the penetration of noise and the emission of dust from road traffic and the frequent train tracks that Brno connects with Beclav. It is a two storey with countertop. At the reception there is a reception, which is connected to the hall with the garden. Double-sided stairs and vents can be used to enter the 2nd floor with a range of assistants, common areas, cabins and air-conditioning systems. In the two-storey house SO2 and the house SO3 house is 41 flat-9 are two-room (44.0 m2) and 32 one-room (31.5 m2). All have a kitchenette, a bathroom with a toilet equipped with zenas suitable for people with reduced mobility and peds. The underground floor SO3 m is a basement with an energy center: an HVAC engine room, a boiler boiler and a water-fired boiler, a room with a special electricity source and a house for control and water use. The total heat loss of the house is 31.5 kW and the amount of energy required for heating is not 15 kWh / (m2‧a). [1] At the disposal of the house there are two engine rooms with heat recovery units, which are boilers, burning pellets, fig. 3 and hot water cookers, fig. 4. The persons of the SO3 object can thus evacuate the wind.

FIG. 3 Energetick
FIG. 3 Energy center with pellet boiler, photo Josef Chybk
FIG. 4 Z
FIG. 4 Hot water bath, in the background, a peerpvac unit, photo Josef Chybk

Dm is based on a layer of extruded polystyrene. 200 mm, on which the spreading of the reinforced concrete slab tl. 300 mm, fig. 5. Vertical frame construction 200 mm are engraved from the venetian hardwood on the outside, covered with graphite (edm) expanded polystyrene. 300 mm, FIG. 6. Increased concrete monolithic ceilings are 200 mm thick. Double and flat roofs with exposed air spaces discharge the thermal insulation of the blown cellulose tl. 500 mm, Fig. 7. The system boundary closed the high-quality windows and doors with insulating triple glazing with a heat transfer coefficient YOUw = 0.71 W / (m2‧K), which meets the requirements for passive houses, fig. 8.

FIG. 5 Z
FIG. 5 Stacking plate 300 mm on XPS layer thickness. 200 mm, photo Josef Chybk
FIG. 6 Uns
FIG. 6 Fnj stna with EPS, photo Josef Chybk

FIG. 7 STEICO nosn
FIG. 7 STEICO beams determine the cavity of the two-sided surfaces of the roof, photo by Josef Chybk
FIG. 8 mounted
FIG. 8 Assemble the nine windows using compound helnk; photo by Josef Chybk

Passive dwellings dm for seniors in Modicch (PBDS), taken into use in January 2014, beat buildings in the Czech Republic, in which architectural quality and energy efficiency are interconnected. These are the views of the best that have emerged in recent years. The authors are experienced and architects, but Brotnek and Josef Smola. Under their strong leadership, an architectural, urban, technical, ecological and user-friendly building was created with a trophy and recognition. After all, in 2014 E.ON Energy Globe was arrested. Pekon is one of the many published claims that passive houses can not be good architecture.

Basic information about respondents

What is the state of affairs that gave the residents a new home? Are they satisfied? I am healthy here? Was there an investment for eln? Did he fulfill the visions of the representative of the city and the inhabitants before his construction? To respond to at least some of the relevant responses, in June 2017 the PBDS study focused on the energy quality of the arela and the state of its internal environment.

A subjective assessment of the quality of the internal environment has been made with those who have been building for a long time. A questionnaire with 23 pupils was compiled. For the answer, one of the two alternatives was mono.

  1. Written and anonymous, without the presence of the interviewer, who can write answers to the questionnaire himself; this form is made mono in a similar way.
  2. In the presence of the person who made the survey and therefore wrote the answers in the questionnaire. In case of uncertainty, which arises from a few of the formulated questions, this will immediately be explained to the respondent.

This was used for the presentation of the current survey alternative b). The file in the above questionnaire was only in the area:

  • basic information about respondents – gender, age, level of education, length of stay in PBDS,
  • introduction to PBDS, knowledge of passive houses (PD),
  • information about the condition of the indoor environment in summer and winter,
  • has also assessed the quality of life in PBDS.

In 2008 a questionnaire method was used to investigate the microclimate in the complex of 14 passive family homes in idlochovice (PD). Their population was in active age, reaching 29.9 years and 31.3 years. [2]

New poll fell on the star generation per inhabitant of the PBDS. The resident of PBDS is known to have a full capacity of 44 inhabitants. The study involved 25 and 12 mu, which is 84.1% of the total sweat of the inhabitants. Their average age for both sexes was 77 years – the youngest 62 years, the oldest 89 years. Of these, 18.9% of the respondents reached the average, 35.1% of them, 27.0% of them, and 19.0% of the respondents, figure 9.

The Zeteln gap between the communities of PD and PBDS provided information on the level of knowledge of the passive house temple. While they were in the PD, all of their future residents were immediately dedicated to the realization, they got an extensive picture of the state of the building, the inside and the energy of the house, it was not in PBDS. Only 24.3% of the population was informed about the energy-saved area. With 76% (64.9% + 5.4% + 5.4%) the respondent stated that the PD loses nothing or has a lot of information, Fig.

FIG. 9 Dosa
FIG. 9 Dedicated to the PBDS population in Modicch
FIG. 10 M
FIG. 10 The consciousness of the passive house

In order to decide to enter the PBDS, 32.5% of the people were captains and wanted to eliminate the resulting life situation in the background, which prevented or prevented them in the original apartment. The reason for access to the PBDS was that 19.0% of the respondents had no other trifles to live. The comfort and corresponding energy savings were 37.9% (22.4% + 15.5%) of respondents. Concern over the poor and the fear of loneliness led to the arrival of 22.4% of the people. Positive positive results were not achieved by 5.2% (1.7% + 3.5%). For 15.5% of the population there were other reasons to enter the PBDS, including the barrier of the house, the state of health, the easy contact with the family or the proximity of Brno.

Status of the internal environment

In PBDS it is possible to control the state of the internal environment. Depending on the needs, the internal temperature and the air change can be adjusted. This is the result of a regular occupation in a residential area. Although they are residents of the artillery of the people, 73% of people have not addressed the problem. Only 16.2% were only a few months after the interview. Even after years in the apartment, the bag was not damaged or 10.8% of the respondent was left behind, as can be seen in figure 11. Some people have the bag completely out of service because of the view of the back-up of the house. asked. It is therefore suggested that in the buildings built for the old customer base, the air exchange capacity should be set such that the wind can be maintained at least in a hygienically acceptable manner.

The temperature situation in the winter of values ​​is as good as 89.2% of the population. Of which 88.0% and 91.7% mu. The population is cold 8.1% (2.7% + 5.4%) of the population. The cold is felt by 2.7% of the population, one person who claims the temperature and considers it optimal, Fig. 12. It is also a fact that people who demand the temperature of their internal environment, in the range of 15 ° C to 18 ° C, can be created in this way. It is a lake, especially because in this case I have a cooling coil in the neighboring flats with the result of the heat consumption.

FIG. 11 P
FIG. 11 Population approach to operational technical equipment
FIG. 12 reviewed
FIG. 12 The temperature measured in the indoor environment during the winter season

This made it clear whether people experienced local cold feelings around the outside walls in the winter. In dispositions, a massive majority of the population occupies a bed on a cooled wall, which is covered on the outside with a 300 mm layer of graphite (edho) polystyrene. The heat transfer coefficient YOU <0.15 W / (m2‧K). This ensures that 74.4% of people do not feel any temperature discomfort in the walls, even if they are in a rest position. The feeling of cold on the outside was emphasized by 12.8% of the population. Their apartment is at the disposal of the house at the feet of the throne. It is a fact that some people are even sensitive to the temperature flow, which is reflected in the temperatures on the inner surface of the structure. The feeling of cold is 7.7% of the population when they are associated with the windows of the windows, and 5.1% of the population at the entrance to the apartment, Fig. 13.

According to current needs, ventilation is regulated by 24.3% of the population, fig. 14, which is 70.3% of the built-in accommodation capacity. At least 5.4% of the inhabitants are only in their apartment and they have the instructions of the technical staff of the house. In various homes, especially at the time of their creation, there was a slight decrease in the acoustic effects of what happened to 21.2% of the inhabitants. Once the system has dropped dolo to eliminate the bad sense of hearing. At the time of the survey, 89.2% of the respondents reported the working of the wounds as a noisy, another 8.1% of the victims recorded a sound at night and 2.7% of the very solitary residents heard the sounds during the day and & # 39; at night were recorded.

FIG. 13 Fn
FIG. 13 Vnmn temperature field on the inner surface of the perimeter disk
FIG. 14 P
FIG. 14 Pstup population regulate vtracho zazen

An interesting result was the question whether people feel proud or do not enter cool air into the interior of the pipeline. This was a complete hole on the edge of the house. All senioi answered that this feeling does not matter. This is a good example of the circuit board. Blower test was achieved within the range of values n50 = 0.27 h-1 and 0.48 hours-1.

In the past few years, when we saw sunny days, this was not the case in the past, the need to ensure the optimal condition of the indoor environment of the sunny female ink. Therefore, it is necessary to equip homes with steerable elements that will prevent the interior from being insulated. In the PBDS, the glazed surfaces with the sunshine of the exposures were obscured by the external sun protection. In the case of the first, the expectation was that the ship would be under guard. This assumption did not fill the bag with what it caused, only 52.1% of the population were satisfied with PBDS and 8.3% were dissatisfied. The remaining 39.6% of the managers were in the PBDS small home.

FIG. 15 Apply
FIG. 15 Opened windows to the interior of the living area

Each PBDS unit is equipped with a recuperan unit with pipelines in each flat. The admission of people to the apartment in the apartment is bundled with the whole range of traditions that used to be seniors of their two houses and apply them in the PBDS. All apartments have a doorway on the ship. There is an abundance of traditional ways of living in this apartment. This is probably only one man, ie 2.4%, regardless of the time, his apartment is not opened through the window and he is part of the air conditioning function. This situation was also noted during the survey, when the air in this apartment was considered subjectively as St. Various tdn were resumed and men were taken away. It was at a time when his user was ill and also in the window, because of the drop in outside temperature θe = 14.5 C did not occur. The internal temperature is reached θyou have = 24.3 C, relative humidity of the indoor air φyou have = 60.4% and CO concentration2 1340 ppm, which is below the threshold of 1500 ppm, which is a milestone for pipeline operations. 20/2012 Coll. [3] [4] According to the study, 17.2% of the apartment is in a window with half-open, 50.8% in one day, 17.2% at night, only 12.4% & # 39; at night and 2.4%, Figure 15. In the winter, the 53.9% flat, slightly open windows, only 10.9% and only 32.8%.

FIG. 16 Z
FIG. 16 Waste and other fasda PBDS with a lake, photo Josef Chybk
FIG. 17 Jez
FIG. 17 Jezera with entrance and other facade of PBDS, photo Josef Chybk

FIG. 18 Fn
FIG. 18 Vnmn water zones in the PBDS complex in Modicch

The dilapidated slopes of the arela are the biotope with the open water level, built up for another house, Fig. 16 and FIG. 17. The area of ​​160 m2, volume 200 m3 and lagging soil with a depth and 2 m. The mouth is a bush connected to the mainland by the lion. The water in the ndri is circulated, it is aerated and during the day it flows through the water. The biotope contributes to the creation of an optimal humidity temperature condition of the microclimate, which cools during the summer and is a source of negative ions that stimulates a healthy way of life and activity. It has become an exciting and unique garden and ecological function. Currently, 45.6% of the PBDS population considers it a pleasant and bloody addition to the area, of which 38.6% is a part of the house that contributes to the quality of the environment. In addition to 84.2% of the population, the population has 7.0% of the population and 8.8% (5.3% + 3.5%) of the population, or it is a noise from the water flow. consider its operation as a runway, FIG. 18. The PBDSP resident does not have a financial bag for his position. It is a loose surface and its activities and gossip are covered by the fund on the city's green and public spaces.

In the house the houses are provided with services, which are served by the people, the laundry, the peace, the peace of the room, the donation of the lk. They are also satisfied with 94.6% of the respondents. He gave 2.7% of the errors and 2.7% of the people were satisfied.

When asked if he or she lived in PBDS, the senior staff lived, it was 94.6% dotzanch, it is a Zen that completely filled their pedagogues or in many ways it is pedalo. sten is satisfied with 2.7% of the people and 2.7% of the people are dissatisfied.


It can be said that the conditions of the PBDS have been created to create an internal environment that gives residents a pleasant, happy and healthy life. Of this, 94.6% said that the PBDS had completed their teachings on senior citizens' residence.

Senioi, who paid their money and paid for what they did in their lives. In the South Moravian town of Modicch there was a commercial fuel, energy sponge and economically accessible dm available. [5] After these years of working, she has enough experience to solve the task of implementing the Zen, meeting the parameters of healthy and future living conditions for the oldest and most vulnerable population. It has been confirmed that passive dm bt is suitable and available through a safe and satisfied st.


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  2. Chybk, J .: Overview of the subjective microclimate of the passive house. In Passivn houses 2008, Brno, Center of Passive House, 2008, pp. 44-49.
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English synopsis
Satisfaction evaluation of residents of passive housing for the elderly

In residential buildings, the quality of the indoor environment can be verified by the satisfaction of the people who live there. One of the forms that can provide the necessary information is a subjective assessment. This type of research was carried out with residents of the passive apartment building for seniors in Modice. There were 25 women and 12 men with an average age of 77 who participated in the survey. The research showed that seniors were able and willing to accept the conditions of passive houses.

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