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As Czech scientists have discovered, teachers are confronted not only with disputes with students and their parents, but also with a bad mood in the classroom or an unhealthy lifestyle, where many of them even like to drink alcohol.

Because of the importance of teachers for the quality of school education and the overall well-being of children at school, our findings are actually alarming

According to Irena Smetáčková and the team of the Faculty of Education of the University of Charles, together with colleagues from the 1st Medical Faculty, an investigation supported by the Exchange Agency of the Czech Republic among nearly 2.5 thousand teachers in primary school , burn-out occurs as a result of increased and constant stress, which is not compensated.

Such a teacher is uninteresting, the story explains mechanically and it is more or less unclear whether the children are removing something from his lesson, let alone trying to inspire or inspire his subject. Yet a teacher with a burnout syndrome can look like this.

Work inconvenience

"Fires are a long-term work disorder characterized by a total lack of energy and interest.The developed syndrome manifests itself through exhaustion, alienation and cynicism and, of course, reduced work performance," Smetáčková said.

Men and women react differently. Although teachers are more vulnerable to ignorance about other people, numbness, irritation and inappropriate behavior, teachers suffer from a lack of energy, nausea or various physical complaints.

In addition to problematic relationships with parents, pupils or over-execution, bad relationships with colleagues can also lead to burn-out. "Where relationships work well, both on a personal and collegial level, the teacher is better able to withstand the burden of burn-out, and the burn-out phenomena do not occur so often, and in order to cultivate good collegial relationships at school, we recommend to focus more on us, "Smetáčková emphasized, not only to describe the situation in Czech schools, but also to identify the causes of burn-out and how to prevent this.

"Based on the results, we try to help teachers resist the stress they have in their challenging calling," she added.

The most demanding is April

One of the important factors in the fight against burnout is also summer holidays. The most challenging month for teachers is April, when energy is already coming and the summer holiday is still far away. Short rest in the form of weekends and shorter holidays is encouraging, but in the case of chronic stress is no longer sufficient.

Summer vacations, when teachers pause for six weeks, make it possible to clean the head and recharge the batteries. "But even in the case of developed burnout syndrome, they are not sufficient in themselves", emphasized Smetáčková. Recently, more and more studies have shown that physical health, especially lifestyle, has a major impact on human mental health. This was confirmed by Czech scientists.

"Teachers who claim to have a healthy lifestyle have a significantly lower burn rate, and in particular it is especially important to have a healthy sleep regime, reduce alcohol consumption and take sufficient time to relax in the form of hobbies & # 39; s or time spent with family, "explains Martina Vňuková from the first medicine faculty.

Drink a tenth of the teachers every day

In contrast to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, it is clear that a large proportion of teachers drink alcohol daily. The big difference here is between men and women. While it only consumes 2.7 percent per day, it's a tenth for male colleagues.

According to scientists, it would be a mistake to shake hands on the burnout of teachers, even if only a minority of them are in their full form.

"In the case of a developed burnout syndrome, help from an expert is needed and in some cases it is even more suitable for the teacher to leave school, so it is important to prevent burnout, both through systematic changes in education. for example by higher financial rewards, as by the fact that individual teachers are working on their professional development without forgetting to relax, "Smetáčková said.

"Because of teachers' importance for the quality of school education and the overall well-being of school children, our findings are actually alarming," the researchers said. Burned teachers and teachers are unable to provide positive support and guidance to students and are deeply concerned about their work.

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