Expatriate Klaus was in the Chamber of Deputies years later. My time was the most successful, he said

After a long eight years, Václav Klaus went to the Chamber of Deputies, which had been in the building for several years as deputy, the head of the Chamber of Deputies and the Prime Minister. This time he was invited by the current head of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondráček, who, on the occasion of the centenary of the establishment of the House, would individually invite all her former bosses.

Prague – It was a strange meeting that took place Friday morning in the Chamber of Deputies. On one side was Radek Vondráček, the head of the Chamber of Deputies for the ANO movement, which years ago began in politics with criticism of the politics of recent decades, former President Vaclav Klaus, who were among the most prominent actors of this & # 39; former politics & # 39; belonged.

"By criticizing me, they won the elections, but now they understand that the criticism was a complete mistake and that is why we are much closer to the point of view," Klaus said.

The whole meeting was in a very welcoming atmosphere, Vondráček invited Klaus on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Czechoslovakia as former chairman of the Chamber of Deputies. "It was a spontaneous invitation, we met the president in Prague on October 28, where we were sitting side by side, and the president admitted that he had not been there in the Chamber of Deputies for at least eight years," explains the circumstances of the meeting of Vondráček.

He is also one of the YES politicians who entered the major politics in 2013 by criticizing the policies of previous politicians. Vondráček, after a meeting with Klaus, said that he had not criticized Klaus in the past, but only when he left politics – the period of ODS Prime Minister Mirko Topolánek and Petr Nečas, even if their names did not say so.

Klaus himself has defended his years in politics. "I am absolutely convinced that the 1990s was the most successful decade of our country." "I understand the political clashes that make use of that or that argument, but I think the nation of this country has this extraordinary success of the most successful. to recognize transformation after communism of all post-communist countries I believe he will be admitted, "said Klaus on question Aktuálně.cz

The right to which Klaus still claims, considers the government of the YO and the CSSD as a left and harmful country. And Prime Minister and Chief JA Andrej Babiš still takes Klaus & # 39; flagship & # 39; and, for example, criticizes the privatization cases. However, the fact is that Babis has become increasingly enthusiastic about the former Prime Minister of Bohuslav Sobotka and his alleged privatization crimes, while Klaus's name is by no means put in his mouth.

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