Extreme rain and mud. Firefighters in Moravia have been hijacked almost thirty times

Olomouc / Zlín Firefighters in the Olomouc region had to deal with heavy rainfall on Sunday evening and went to 15 events. From the point of view of the locations most of the trips were in Přerov, Olomouc, partly in Prostějov, the spokesman for firefighters Zdeněk Hošák said in a press release. Firefighters also had to intervene thirteen times in the Moravia-Silesia region, but there were no bigger problems. Firefighters in the region & # 39; s drained water from flooded houses, cleared away the mud from the road or secured the exposed roof.

"In Dřevohostice, the local unit first sought help in draining water and completely cleaning one of the flooded houses, then a professional unit from the Přerov station arrived at the site to install a water-immersed high-voltage pylon. secure, "said the spokesman.

In Osek nad Bečvou, the firefighters have secured communication against floods with mud. "Similar help was provided by the firefighters in Lipník nad Becvou, after the water from the sidewalk flowed into the shop, the firefighters built the barriers in place with sandbags." In Rouska, Přerov, firefighters carried out the flushing of mud communication. muddy communication with the confinement of two vehicles was also solved by the firemen in Bělotín in Přerov, it was a mud of an area of ​​about one hundred meters and the vehicle was pulled by a tractor, "said Hošák.

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In Šternberk, the firefighters at the reconstructed house provided a roof with their sails. "During the evening they also pumped several times a large water lagoon in the building of a continuous animal show.In Hlubočky, in Olomouc, firefighters made clogged canals clean of floodplains, there was a risk of flooding home.The firefighters from Bohuňovice left to to destroy fallen tree on the road from Šternberk to Lipín, "Hošák said.

According to meteorologists, the weather in the Olomouc region must be cloudy, temporary and semi-cloudy. During the day the cloud should rise and most of the area should show showers, afternoons and evenings in the evening and thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms also hit the Zlín region

The fire service in the Zlín region also worked on Sunday night to eliminate the effects of heavy rain. They traveled to two dozen events. "Damage caused by the rain is only material at the moment Damage is not reported," said Žemlička.

The water has flooded several basements, and it also ended up in the buildings because of the reconstruction of the roof. In Zlin's hospice it was because of a blocked pipeline. Firefighters also had to deal with the mud on the road or the water in the tunnel under the rail.

After midnight the firefighters went to six events, for example in Březnice u Zlína the water was brought to kindergarten, in Bílovice in Uherskohradišťsku there were deposits of mud on the road, in Bystřice pod Hostýnem in the Kroměříž region a riverbed hid under the bridge .

The spokesman for the fire service in the Moravia-Silesia region, Jakub Kozak, said that in this region the firefighters mainly intervened by pumping water from the cellars and removing the mud deposits from the roads. "There were usually voluntary firefighters, it was more than normal, but it was not wild," said Kozak.

In the morning it does not rain in the rain, according to meteorologists' forecast, it should be cloudy on cloudy, partly transient and partly cloudy. The rain should only appear every now and then, but in the evenings there may be storms again.

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