Flora visited about 20pct fewer people, probably due to tropical temperatures

Update: 19.08.2018 19:31

Olomouc – About a fifth of the lesser attendance was recorded by the organizers of the summer phase of the Flora Olomouc. Exhibition from Thursday to today was seen by about 20,000 visitors, CTK asked Flora Olomouc, a spokesperson for the exhibition, Michaela Nováková. The organizers attribute it mainly to tropical temperatures during the weekend. The main exhibition of the show focused on the 60-year history of flower exhibitions in Olomouc.

The experts from the Faculty of Horticulture at Mendel University in Brno are drawn under the main exhibition that attracted the most attention. Each of the six pillars of the exhibition had its mission and represented one of Flora's decades. "The rich years from 1958 to 1967, The rose of the year was dedicated to the Rose Roses exhibition or, for example, Exotic summer in collaboration with the Union of the Botanical Gardens of the Czech Republic," said the spokesman for the exhibition hall. It was also exhibited in the form of a coniferous tree Wollemia nobilis, borrowed from the botanical garden of the Faculty of Sciences, Charles University in Prague, after Slupi.

According to the organizers, pavilion E was also visited, where weddings with elegant wedding dresses and polished veterans took place. The attention was also drawn by Hall H, whose building was transformed into a laboratory of experimental botany, minikino and a photo gallery for plants for four exhibition days.

Pavilion B was part of the exhibition of the Nursery Association of the Czech Republic and pavilion C of the Czech Gardening Association, which also offered visitors an aeroponic exhibition that uses air and water for the supply of nutrients to plants. In the vicinity of the pavilions there were traditional summer garden markets with flowers, plant material, horticulture and hobby needs.

The 60th anniversary of the Flora Exhibition Center will be celebrated during the summer period, during which the exhibition will be celebrated in upcoming events such as Flora Autumn dedicated to the anniversary of the Republic, during the Days of European Heritage and also during the last gala concert by Michael Jackson Symphony, November 4, in Hall A.






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