Forest fire in the Pilsen region goes underground, guarded by 60 firefighters

update: 22.08.2018 12:12

Pňovany (Plzeňsko) – The forest fire in the Pilsen region, created on Tuesday before 2 p.m., continues below the surface. The three fireplaces throw water and guard more than 60 firefighters. The situation is under control, there is no mass distribution. ČTK said regional spokesman Petr Poncar. The cause of the largest forest fire this year in the Pilsen region is not yet known. On Tuesday afternoon there were 32 units, up to 130 firefighters. Nobody was injured.

"At night there were 11 units and one pumping station, now they are 16 professionals and volunteers, they run water with the water at the deepest places and guard them, and the fire will get up again", said Poncar. According to him, it is all about a fire that spreads under a surface that can not be seen. The surface is very warm.

Units remain on the site. "They use a humidifier to sink the water better in depth, which increases the effectiveness of firefighting," said the spokesman. The underground fire, according to Poncara, is demanding for people and time. Firefighters in the afternoon will inspect all fire by the thermal camera and determine the following procedure. "Yesterday (on Tuesday) there was the police and our researchers are working on different versions of the cause of the fire", he added. The financial damage is only determined after all three places have been extinguished.

The representative of the forest owner estimated the affected area between Pňovany in Pilsen and silver in the Tachov region to more than ten hectares and damage to more than one million crowns. The fire hit three different locations.

Firefighters on Tuesday announced the highest, fourth grade of alertness; now takes the second alarm level. The outbreak had a police helicopter with a water bag and a flight service for firefighting. The fire ran from the forest past the station in Pnovany to Stříbro. Due to the air strike on Tuesday afternoon, the electric traction on the main line from Pilsen to Cheb and Germany was about six hours on the road. There was a replacement bus service between Stříbro and Pilsen.

The fire monoculture has fallen. It was not a so-called crown fire, but grounded to 30 centimeters; it burned the wheelbarrow and scrub.




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