Former H-system customers are not yet in motion, the Constitutional Court has decided –

The American resolution is available on its website. He stressed that postponing exequatur does not prejudge the outcome of the procedure, he just wants to prevent irreversible consequences. Some of the customers of the failed H-system that is associated with the Svatopluk cooperative can at least be at rest for the time being.

The members of the team are part of the victims of the failed construction company. The houses themselves came but had no permission from the bankruptcy court. Under the disputed NS judgment, HF System Insolvency Administrator Josef Monsport has the right to liquidate property belonging to the bankruptcy for the benefit of all creditors.

Although Monsport advised that no one would emigrate to resolve the case, but Svatopluk members wanted to be sure, they asked the ÚS to suspend their enforcement. The monthly deadline set by the Supreme Court for approval would be different on Thursday.

Judge Kamil Kydalka, who has dealt with the case since 2004, has repeatedly warned that people have invested in homes and live in homes that are owned by a failing H-system. [celá zpráva]

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