Freedom of the ODS wants to drive Prague again. The development of the city stands, enough experiments, he says

The elections want to win the civil democrats, but potential coalition partners did not want to comment.

Prague – After the autumn elections, the ODS of Prague wants to focus on investments in transport, social services and housing and plans to build houses for the elderly. He also wants to change the licensing processes in the field of construction and solve the digitization of Prague. The journalists, Bohuslav Svoboda, deputy mayor of Prague 2, Alexander Udženija and candidates for the city council of Prague, told the journalists on Wednesday when the campaign was launched. The elections want to win the civil democrats, but potential coalition partners did not want to comment.

"Prague does not work and the development of our city has stopped in the last four years, but the Prague does not move but shifts, people have to find their home behind Prague, because it is not an apartment, and I do not want to leave a brothel., Enough experiments "Svoboda said.

The ODS wants to concentrate on parking when it wants to introduce the entire Prague parking zone system. In the development of the transport infrastructure it wants to support the construction of P + R catches, parking places, repair communication and modern technology in transport. In public transport it wants to speed up the construction of the Metro D, speed up the renewal of the public transport vehicle or build new tram and trolley bus routes.

Part of the program is also housing for seniors. "The place for seniors is luxury, and I'm not talking about people who suffer from Alzheimer's, for example, social housing is just on paper," Udinese said.

In the context of the construction sector, the ODS wants to focus on the change of permit processes or the construction of the so-called brownfields. "Building development is not a good thing, because investors do not want to build, but there are several activists in the sand, greens are responsible for the development of the city, but we do not have a metropolitan plan or the Vlasta tunnel", said the Prague embassy and Mayor of Běchovice Ondřej Martan.

Prague ODS President and deputy mayor of Prague 9 Tomáš Portlík said the ODS wants to take into account an amendment to the territorial plan that has been disproportionately long for the municipality. According to Udinese, the money for the investment is sufficient and the government coalition YES, CSSD and Trojkoalice (SZ, KDU-ČSL and STAN) would not be able to invest. "Money is enough, it just wants to have the courage to decide what is most important: this unfair coalition has not even managed to agree on what it is investing in," she said.

Elections would want the Burger Democrats to win. What is the result of the elections and with whom the ODS would go to the coalition, did not want Udjenija to comment. "We will only form the coalition after we have seen the election results," she said.

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