Freight transport by road grew to a record of 10 years in the quarter

"The majority of road freight transport consists of domestic goods transport, while international transport represents only 11 percent, while exports predominate on imports," said Marie Bouskova, director of the CZSO service statistics service.

The raw material, the most attractive part of domestic road freight transport, are metal ores and mining products. In the first quarter, they occupy 29 percent in the goods structure. Food, beverages and tobacco account for about nine percent. Agricultural, hunting and forestry products, including fish, accounted for almost a tenth.

"The average transport distance of goods by road is 111 kilometers, according to statistics it is usually the highest in the first quarter", added Boušková.

The government has long sought to reduce the share of goods by road and to increase transport by rail and water. In the program description of the current government, Andrei Babiš (ANO), it is said that the Cabinet will support the transfer of freight to the railways. "We will create the conditions for intersectoral freight transport cooperation to provide rail and water transport services to road hauliers, so we will support the development of combined transport terminals from EU sources to create a container link that ensures that only the first take-off the last delivery of freight, and most of the length of the transport must be done by rail or by water, "says the government.

The length of roads and highways in the Czech Republic is 55,756 kilometers. According to the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the motorways were two percent and the first class roads were ten percent of the total length.

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