From the tropics to the autumn. Cooling up to 10C will cost.

After the tropical tides the ice was cooled down. Jet me for the weekend, when it will be around 18 degrees in the Republic. Saturday and Sunday then. According to the meteorologist, he could freeze in the mountains in the morning.

From day to day the ice cooled and ten degrees. In Moravia and Silesia the rows of cold have arrived and in some places they can go to the tropics. On the other hand, the temperature of the Czech Republic is only twenty.

"The row of cold is dragged along, so we are not exposed to one or two degrees, like the last few days when the queue was queued up", said Sagan with the new meteorologist Dagmar Honsov.

The cold will be when the cold and the cold go down. "One day I think it will be icy and frosty in mountain areas, for example in the Jizera Mountains or in Kvilda," a hard meteorologist from Meteopress.

The queue, besides being cooled, carries the same escort as a d. "There will be about 20 millimeters of the pots, and if there is a strong storm, they can be 40 millimeters, and the price can not be Saturday or Sunday," Honsov said.

For the east of the republic, so the salary of the eskho hydrometeorological stands for strong storms. Mly would hit Moravia and Silesia, Pardubice and Krlovhradeck County and thus Vysočina. The validity period is from 11 am to 9 pm.

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