GLOSS: Srpnov okupan stpky and poshy

Nothing is wrong.

We do not have the heroization of the eighth. It was as if it was a history of history. He was not and not. A group of communists, with the help of a foreign tank, has ejected another communist party. They did not really want a real change. And it is only that we did not care for eighty after the most unconventional period. This eight-tenth of all colors and the recess was never forgiven by Klaus.

Not the eighth, but the eighth is a deadly hat.

If after the eighth Communist Party the Social Democrats did not all sample us, we did not have to privatize anything after the most devout. And only if someone could separate.

Then it is clear that, under the larger privatizations, bolevick family clans, who only got their political foothold in the post-Soviet economic power.

And you and the departing oligarch choose to take it politically. And fools again. It will be lp!

Do it! How.

The agent is run by the StB as a Bure, owned by Andrew Babi, just like the president of the republic, for the radio building. This is the impact when in August the occupation of the forest is in perfect fault.

Pskot. Naruen piety? That's all, but the first misty stupid claimant. If the politicians who drunk in search of political and party tricks left the real memoirs, we would not be happy to avoid it. What are you going to do with it? While Andrej goes to the forest, he calls him.

What do you mean, are not you going to both Kisku television and the 15th? Or are you going to steer the plane and leave it to Angel?

It must not be forgotten that Germany also occupied Germany in 1968. dm demonstration by the German embassy. (Note for the intellect slow: watch the joke!)

Has Putin paid TV? Nobody has done so much for the popularization of Russia as the author of the propagandist of T. (This, bohuel, no joke)

Yes, I can not do anything. The result is the opposite.

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