Guides around Prague are tied to trade. Taxes do not apply, the city agrees with the government

According to Prague representatives in the metropolis, there are many inappropriate guides that give tourists inaccurate or misleading interpretations and do not pay taxes.

Prague – The government in the House will support the proposal of the capital to make tourist guide services a re-tied trade. Prague promises to improve the quality of service. Minister of State Jan Kněžínek (for YES) inquired about the approval of the government with the proposal of the journalist.

According to Minister of Finance Alena Schiller (for JA), services are often bad for tourists. She recalled that the change was intended to provide a better position for professional guides. According to Prague representatives in the center of the metropolis, there are many inappropriate guides who give inaccurate or misleading explanations for tourists and do not pay taxes.

The guideline became free trade six years ago as a result of a change in the law. The draft amendment of the law was supported in June by the political representatives across the entire political spectrum in Prague and adopted unanimously by 58 votes.

The change is mainly directed against guides who offer so-called free tours. They are apparently offered free of charge, but at the end the guides of the participants choose the money from which they do not pay taxes. When the officers overtake them, the guides say they will put the money into the foundation they have deliberately.

"Unfortunately, more and more visitors are accompanied by unskilled guides, especially school graduates and professional qualification exams, can not be put into practice." The proposed change will, in our view, have a positive impact on the development of tourism, the business climate and employment in the industry, "said Stanislav Voleman.

According to the Association of Activities, 4500 people are involved in the Czech Republic. From this, half work in Prague and the Central Bohemian region. The activities of the tour manager and local representative (outbound tourism) are about 1500 people. The most important profitable activity is about a fifth of them.

In addition to these statistics, the guides work without a marketing authorization, as a rule they do not have the professional competence within the meaning of the proposed regulation. Their number is estimated at 1500 people.

If Parliament approved the amendment, the candidates would have to take a tour. The training is for example done by the Prague City Tourism Association in Prague, which is in charge of tourism in the capital. The service provider would also have a marketing authorization.

Prague has been confronted with uncertified guides for a very long time. Because it is a free trade, it can be more or less everyone.

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