Hamacek has made the promise. The CSSD left him in two presidencies until the elections

Before the meeting of the Bureau and the subsequent CSSD Bureau, the party chairman, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Interior and Minister for Foreign Affairs in one person Jan Hamáček saw the reason for not changing the appointment in the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to him, he is still the original nominee for Social Democracy, Miroslav Poche. However, this is still being rejected by President Milos Zeman Naming.

The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) have decided on Friday to vote only on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs with the chairman of the party, Jan Hamáčka. He should come with a definitive opinion by 15 October. So after the elections for the municipal councils and the third of the Senate.

The same, unanimous opinion, according to Hamas, was the bureaucracy of the party, which is also to postpone the solution.

"I suggested to the CSSD that I will introduce the final solution in the second half of October," Hamáček said to journalists after the bureau meeting. On his side were the vice-presidents of Roma Onderka and Martin Netolický. During the meeting, the chairman of the party, Jiří Zimola, apologized for the work reasons, which suggested that the CSSD would be proposed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Poche.

Babis: It's too bad. But I take note

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is not too enthusiastic about such a solution, but he takes it into account.

"It is a pity, I hoped that the Social Democrats would solve it sooner, and this post must be definitively occupied, even for journeys to foreign economic missions," Babiš responded to Flash News from Hungary. "I will take note of this, and I will wait for Mr Hamacek to come up with a solution," the prime minister added.

"It is up to the politicians to try and agree – the more they hear that it is not appropriate to burden the disputes with the hot phase of the campaign," Hamacek reasoned why he submitted a proposal to postpone the solution for the parties.

Reason for delay? According to some Social Democrats, a change in the nomination could jeopardize the election result of the CSSD in Prague, coming from the Poche region.

During the meeting Miroslav Poche, who is now the only deputy of the Czech parliament, arrives at the meeting with Jan Hamacek. He did not, however, wish to comment on the outcome of the Bureau. "Good," he answered alone, disappearing behind the door of the courtroom. Poche did not even attend the press conference after the bureau meeting.

"I am pleased that the CSSD Presidency is almost unanimous, I still say that I appreciate the strong support and we will continue to discuss the situation with other partners with Jana Hamáka" responded to the meeting of the broader CSSD leadership on the issue of Message Poche.

He added to the supplementary question that he was still trying to become a master, since the party had solemnly appointed him. "Yes, otherwise I would not have to," Poche added to Flash News.

The vice-presidents of the party Martin Netolický and Roman Onderka supported during the meeting the position of the chairman of the party, Jan Hamacek. According to Deputy Prime Minister Netolický, it is important to realize that the name of Miroslav Poche, for example, was also spoken by the president and the president himself, only to criticize after the national referendum on the entry of the social division into the government.

"The resolution of the Bureau is still in force and today we will meet and discuss it, I have suggested Miroslav Poche, I do not see why I should change something," Hamacek said before the talks. Another vice-president Jaroslav Foldyn Considers that the appointment of the Foreign Minister should not be decided by the Bureau but by the President.

Poche and other candidates for the government have elected the CSSD presidium in May. President Zeman, however, refused to appoint him and repeated the past few days that he had not changed the position.

The minister can be the country

In the past few days there have been reports that Jan Hamacek should have been two solutions. He leaves the Interior Ministry to someone else and he alone remains the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the head of Czech diplomacy of the CSA candidate in Prague, Mayor Jakub Landovsky. The first option was rejected by Hamacek, the other was able to include a draft of a commission that Hamacek would like to decide on the position of minister after the elections in October.

"I want to clearly separate the joint campaign from the negotiations on the new foreign minister, and that is why I will announce the decision only after the election and until that time I will not comment," commented on Hamacek. Landovsky is a candidate of the CSSD at the Mayor of Prague and it will be clear after the elections how he succeeded in this fight.

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