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PRAGUE SSD Democratic Social Democrat chairman Jan Hamek does not comment on the option to resign from the position of the Minister of the Interior and diplomacy remained in office, so his leadership is governed. Newspaper said this during the weekend of the SSD campaign for the municipal elections. Situation around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs vc, his femme president Milo Zeman was fired in June to appoint Miroslav Poche, Hamek, to the European Parliament, the only candidate he said was Poche.

Poche chose the SSD diplomatic chair in May. Zeman handed him a bag saying that he questioned migrant women and pro-Israeli policy, refused to call him. During a personal meeting, he asked him not to work for the job. Poche docks a shadow and said that Zemana wants to qualify for his qualities. Under the direction of the MFA, Hamek and Poche joined the ministry as a political secretary.

The SSD chairman will meet at the end of August. km all the time, it is going to be a holiday. So let me finish the holiday, Hamek said today. I will talk about it, but she wants to discuss it with the actors involved. I'm not going to talk to a dog, okay.

He spat out speculation that he could get the situation out of the office of the Minister of the Interior and stay in the Ernblick. I took my role at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a temporary role and the position of foreign minister. It does not mean that I had paid my way to the fathers' thumb and was looking for the Minister of Home Affairs, he explained. He is the only candidate for SSD for Secretary of State Poche, he added.

Poche is the first candidate

Zeman said in mid-July that he thought the question was occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How long does Hamek work with the two ministries at the same time, let's say yes. Hamek calls the situation in diplomacy timid.

From the name of Andrey Babie (ANO), the dog passed 50 days and Poche is the first time to be a candidate for an important position in R. R. Nejdle was still nominated in 2001 by Miroslav Grgr, 27 days. This time, Premier Zeman (then the SSD) gave President Vclav Havel the name of the then Minister of Industry Grgra (SSD) to release the position of mstopedan vice president. Havel had been fed names for several days, partly because he disagreed with his vision, with his concept of the economy.

Dalm of the navrench candidate for the government, who, for disagreement with the name by the president, in 2005 David Rath (SSD) was. Prime Minister Ji Paroubek (then the SSD) sent on January 20 to the castle for Rath, the Minister of Health. President Vclav Klaus denied Ratha's appointment, or his file as minister and president of the esk lkask room would be in violation of the status. Paroubek called Rath the first nurse and told the ministry. In November Rath left the LK and Klaus appointed him on November 4, 15 days after the uprising.

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