He did not hesitate before the break, he was thrown away by the crowd on the sidewalk

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According to the first information, the fathers wanted to hunt pedestrians in the cloud culture house. Ford Mondeo was twenty-two-year-old mu.

He chased the passage and wanted to let the dams go, the police told Ren ernohorsk.

It is for the first time a Mercedes with a new one. His idiot of a hundred yard Frdecko-Msteckaned, he stumbled from the rear into the ford and threw himself on the sidewalk. First of all where the collapses changed.

The fog intervened in the city. The boys in the age of one and a half were left behind. Concerned about the naïtes of the brain. The care agents were trimmed in the pores, fixed with a kneecap and a vacuum mattress with a vacuum plate, piblil spoke to Luk Humpl.

The survivors of the hospital were transported through the hospital of Ostrava. One wore an ambulance, the other a carrier. According to the first information, I do not feel hurt.

The road leads the city, just talk about the bypass

As a result of the police, the policeman is not affected by alcohol.

View of m

View of the city from the accident.

Ivan Grakov remembered the dirty police and the city is a danger for very frequent traffic. Today it was a road accident on Ostrava Street, she warned.

Pidalse Mayor Hluna Pavel Paschek. We appeal to all interested parties to ensure that the special and dangerous roads between Ostrava and Opava are really busy. Today shows that the I / 56 communication roadblock is an absolute necessity, both idiots and pedestrians are in danger, Paschek said.

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