He took Zeman for the earth by Prayer for Martha. I will give the most distinguished veil, he said at home

ESK BUDJOVICE In the eskch of Budjovice the farmer was the land of the investor. He also spoke out, including President Milo Zeman, who announced that on June 28 he had given Antonín to the eloquent Prime Minister Antonin Vehlovi in ​​memoriam of the most important distinguished figure of the lion. The visit of the president to the country The party of the party protested, a few eskobudjovickm-builders sacked from the megaphone the song Prayer for Martha.

In Esq Budjovic he organized the agrosalon of the country of the investor. The president of the Milo Zeman republic once again supported the construction of the Danube-Oder-Elbe canal during the ceremony. Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman (for the SSD) paid the help of the landlord who was affected by the drought.

President Zdenk Jandejsek, Chamber of Commerce of Agrorn, said the situation of the cat is not catastrophic. With regard to drought, I only want to remind you that there are steps and steps that are great. Such a small step within our competence was to restore a neglected pond in the park, which had a reasonable floor, said Zeman, who recommended similar steps to the man who did not.

And a big step is the corridor that connects the Danube with Odra, he added. The Minister of Agriculture Ji Milek (for JA) said that this corridor could spill water to another Moravia. I hope Mirek Toman will say the same thing, "the president concluded.

d blho lva in memoriam for agrrnka vehlu

Zeman said in a statement that the parties of the then party received the most important first, most important, memorials. Zeman said that it would be very much for the people to live with politicians who sometimes proved capable of supporting the landlords, even on a political level. Not only as a food producer, but as hard landscapes, he noted.

He added that he had decided to give the bridegroom the first time. Zeman has blown 21 more lions. All warriors received from the first and the kind of the world wolf and the representative of foreign stt. Last year he gave the same to Archbishop Dominic Duke.

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Zeman has said in the past that some of the medals have been awarded to three of the squad troops that fell after an attack in August in an Afghanistan suicide attack. It was announced by Ester Ledeck, the double Olympic vote. In May, as much as you could donate one of the most important types of wolves. Also awarded by the former Energetic Regular Advisor (ER), Alena Vitsková.

and I distinguished myself in the past, to Zeman

On the contrary, Zeman said that there was no reason for the Communist Party to prosecute and increase Zdeny Manov. The president said in mid-July that the centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia was in full swing with the honors list. and those who earn it in connection with these vroms, I have distinguished it in the past. I would like to remind the representatives of the communes of Legion, the municipality of Sokolsk and the vetern, according to and said. The main acclaim is the enthusiast, the kind Tom Garrigue Masaryk.

The president receives the medal for hero and service. The days for propovnj and the charter of the prominent eskans are on January 1 and May 28, the custom is to go to them in the Prague Castle on June 28th. Ciz sttn pslunk is always to get me.

In recent years, around the distinguished personality of Zeman, there has been talk. For example, the circumstances were not recognized by Jim Brady, Zeman was so criticized, he appreciates his allies and supporters. The medals were awarded by Filip Ren and Robert Sedlek, as well as by Daniel Hlka and by the well-known soloist Sluice Frantiek uba.

The president's movement was protesting

At the crossroads of Milo Zeman came several and eskobudjovick to build the song Prayer for Martha from the megaphone, after President Milo Zeman had put on the stage Hanba, the music stopped. In one hand, one of them was transparent with an anti-Bibian and an anti-German signature. The president took no action against the 50th Soviet occupation by the Russian troops in 1968.

Fruit on the ground? Zeman came from her and my fear of the children. Bure collectively collected the memory loss, on the banner. The scandal also called for a speech from Sent Milan tcha (SSD). With banners in recent days, many demonstrators appeared at memorial or memorial events, it was a matter of criticism from Zeman, among others decided not to comment.

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