He treated the support. & # 39; He accused Dichter of accepting bribes, the court is behind the door. I look forward to it, she says at home

LIBEREC / PRAGUE On Tuesday, a story started by the criminals in the courtroom in November 2014 when they accused Martin Půť, the governor of the Liberec region, of corruption. He had to collect hundreds of dollars of money for a project financed with European money. The first man in the region has long rejected the debt, the start of the process is satisfied. The public prosecutor draws attention to a number of collected data.

"I'm ready to work with the court, I found out I was looking forward to it when it started … In a moment, it's four years since they accused me, and to say that it will not get you in your life, of course it will come in, "said Půta for Lidovky.cz. Participates in the start of Tuesday's main make-ups. The strategy for cleaning up their names is still melting. On Monday, however, he asked for a press conference where he would approach her. He also wants to clarify how he joins the court in the position of governor.

Fortitude has long claimed that he did not do anything wrong. He refuses to accept the bribe. He has great reservations about the multi-year work of the police in this case, so the court expects a more correct approach from the point of view. "That I believe that the preparatory work has been a demonstration of how justice should work, I do not really have," said the governor, who is represented by a respected criminal lawyer, lawyer Tomáš Gřivna.

The main line of the case comes along the reconstruction project of the St. Mary Magdalen in Liberec, whose costs for an amount of 65 million crowns would largely have to cover the money from the European funds. Pory, the former chief of the Northeast Grant Program Committee, has bribed 500,000 people to save the project. The business is exceptionally extensive, with 13 people and four companies, including the Metrostav building giant.

If it will last a year, it will be a miracle & # 39;

"At the moment the court has no information that one of the defendants should not be present in the main process," said Lidovky.cz-server Karolina Francová, a spokesperson for the Liberec department of the regional court in Ústí nad Labem, who case. It is decided by Judge Petr Neumann. As the demanding process expects, it can only be guessed. He responded to Lidovky.cz questions to leave the case without comment in court proceedings.

Where is the money?

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The case was forwarded to the public prosecutor Radim Kadlček, who has run the entire public prosecutor's office in Ústí nad Labem since March. He filed the indictment for nearly ten months, handed him in December last year. It counts a total of 250 pages & # 39; s. "The development of court proceedings is difficult to predict, and in general the evidence in this case is quite extensive," he told Lidovky.cz before the prosecutor's trial.

The negotiations are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week and the same days of the week thereafter. Because of the complexity of the case, the number of suspects and the amount of evidence that is secured, it is certain that this sentence will not be heard this year. If everything goes extremely well, the court can be brought to justice in the second half of the following year. "Lawyers tell me that if it takes a year, it will be a miracle," said the governor.

800 thousand promised, 500 thousand paid

Lidovky.cz has a complaint available. According to her, he paid for a plan for the GEPO, a community of generations to restore the church, to secure the flow of European money. In the first half of 2013, it was reportedly first planted in the first half of 2013 during three successive meetings of the subsidy office commission to finance the part of the repair work that Metrostav has already carried out for GEPO.

"Jaroslav Stuchlík and Ing.Jan Petráň on the basis of prior agreement with Ing. Petr Jirkův in Liberec, Bc Martin Půtu, to ensure thanks to his position as chairman of the Regional Council for Cohesion of the Northeast Region (. ..) that the construction work for the repair of the two buildings, which had already been partly completed, Metrostav as were paid from the budget of the European Union, for the (…) promised bribes of CZK 800,000 ", is stated in the indictment .

Head of the Liberec region Martin Půta
Liberec governor Martin Půta.

Stuchlik and Petran are representatives of Metrostav. Assistance in this area was important because the project was in danger. The subsidy provider even threatened to withdraw from the contract while the governor was against it. According to the charges, he took more than half a million in cash for his activity of the promised bribes, and he had to get the money from January to March 2014.

, Acting contradictory to serve the public & # 39;

The case has almost never expired

Even before the main test there was a variant in the game that would return the case to the police. As Lidovky.cz announced in April, Judge Neumann considered such options. "A non-public hearing is ordered for the preliminary hearing of the indictment," said Carolina Francova, a spokesperson for the trial.

Prior hearing about the indictment usually occurs at a time when, according to the court, the prosecutor is not eligible for the trial. But finally Judge Neumann brought the case to court, decided on 23 May.

The same trio had agreed with Pita on one morning in October at the Shell filling station in Liberec to take over 30,000 of its debt to one of the professionals involved in the project. It had to implement the ongoing project financing, which was not planned. The release of the money was counted after it was completed. "On 3 March 2014 de facto negotiated support for the Regional Council's Office to approve the current funding," is the manager.

Hejtman runs the risk of 12 years in prison

"He acted contrary to the duty to always serve the public interest and to refrain from negotiations that would jeopardize the credibility of the implementation process and the operation of the Northeast Regional Operational Program," writes the public prosecutor. The governor becomes a court for abuse of official authority and bribery, which, in the case of confession of guilt, can prepare for 12 years of freedom.

The second part of the case is an attempt to manipulate a subsidy worth CZK 30 million for the so-called Perštýn retreat zone, for which geothermal energy also costs citizens. In this line of the case he does not belong to the actors. Most defendants in the whole case are entrepreneurs, managers and civil servants. No subsidies were paid for any of the projects, mainly thanks to the intervention of the police.

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