How much do teachers and non-educators do? Babis promised higher salaries at schools

"We agreed today with the school departments that from 1 January 2019 we will increase salaries by 15% for teachers and 10% for non-teaching staff. We have agreements that we have given to education employees. The quality of education and satisfied teachers and other staff are the most important for our children ", said Andrej Babiš on Twitter.

According to the head of the trade unions of František Dobšík, trade union representatives today spoke at the meeting with the Prime Minister, Minister of Education Robert Plague, (YES) and Minister of Finance Alina Schillerová (behind YES).

Government representatives have assured them that the current draft budget is applicable, which mainly takes into account teachers' salary increases by 15 percent since January. After counting the amount for non-teaching salaries, the budget for the next year should increase by 26.4 billion crowns to 195.5 billion crowns.

The promised increase by one-tenth does not concern other non-teaching staff in the public administration for which the government proposes a salary increase of six percent.

Minister of Education Plaga told Thursday that he would like to negotiate another 800 million crowns for themso that wages could rise by ten percent. For example, half of the nursery schools received less than CZK 18,412 last year, and the same number of schoolchildren had less than 23,781 crowns, with an average salary in the Czech Republic of 29,504 crowns per month.

CTK said today that the school union promised to increase salaries, as well as the growth of the regional prospects for regional education for 2020 and 2021. But they want the salaries to be lifted again this year. He recalled that last year Parliament had recommended the government in its resolution to join its teaching staff since September.

"If it is serious about the educational priority, it would be a good sign to put something out this year," Dobšík said. Government representatives are against this, however. According to them, the results of the state budget are not as good as last year, when wages grew, the unionist said.

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