Hunters in Kutna Hora shot a colleague dead. The police send him to court –

"Based on the information obtained and the results of expert forensic experts, everything suggests that the cause of the incident was that the hunter was not shot in the right way, resulting in the death of another hunter," said Marečková.

Policemen accused the shooter of killing negligence and filed a motion for prosecution at the Public Prosecution Service in early August. Hunters are threatened with up to six years' imprisonment because they are accused of a second paragraph stating that they have violated an important task arising from their job, profession, function or function. Alcohol hunter did not drink during the hunt.

The thirty-six-year-old hunter was shot dead on 20 January in the village of Chlístovice in Kutná Hora. The rescuers started, but the injured man could no longer help. It took the whole afternoon to keep up. [celá zpráva]

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