"I am ashamed of my president!" General Paul went to Zeman

The prize for an excellent public service was received in Prague by parents of the murdered Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová. It was in connection with their death that General Peter Paul Zeman criticized. The portal hlidacipes.org has been informed.

"We have witnessed the transfer of John Kuciak, a murdered journalist and his girlfriend, because he participated in an investigation into the corrupt environment in Slovakia, where his family was present, the price was not only emotional but also a reminder for everyone which puts the freedom of the press at the center as one of the watchdogs of democracy, "he said for the portal.

In an English speech, Paul said he was ashamed of the president's statements. "I think President Zeman's address to journalists was not unfortunate, but I would say it was extremely inappropriate," the general said in an interview for the portal.

A short interview with General Peter Paul:

Such a statement may never occur and in the context of the murders of Kuciak and Kušníř anyway. Zeman & # 39; s words about the journalists who have been exterminated, he said at Wednesday's meeting with Czech ambassadors in Prague Castle.

"I am convinced that the intelligence of the Czech journalists is sometimes at the level of a stupid man, a creature living in Madagascar but lawfully eradicated, and the Czech journalist has not yet been eliminated," the president said. Experts then pointed out that the drift from Mauritius lived in Mauritius, not in Madagascar.

Statements by President Milos Zeman about the extortion of journalists:

Shortly before the general, who ended in July in the leadership of the Military Committee of NATO, the father of the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak was also present after three years. He expressed his disappointment, in particular, that the Slovak police failed to punish the murderer more than half a year after the death of Kuciak and Kushner.

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