"I am not a man who adds 20 percent," said Ferjencik. Delegates will grow slower

Is the wolf drunk and does the goat stay? Although Members of the European Parliament finally discussed a law in first reading to prevent the increase in wages of constitutional officials and judges, they could eventually improve by 15,000 crowns per month. They used a trick. Although they voted on the possibility of shortening debates in parliamentary committees. But they have refused, so it is not necessary to discuss the law until the end of this year.

"I do not think it will surprise me that this proposal is wrongly proposed and that it must be rejected." It is populist, try other topics, not this stupidity, " criticized Marek Benda (ODS) Pirates who insisted on a long-awaited "parked" bill in the Chamber of Deputies to get back on the agenda.

The law was also submitted by the minority government Andrei Babiše to the Chamber of Deputiesbut the deputies did not have much to discuss the amendment. And today, before the hearing, many people did not want to open it.

"During the recent Chamber of Deputies, the issue has been resolved once and for all by the whole Chamber of Deputies, so that the level of salaries of the constitutional actors would depend on the growth of salaries in the public sphere. that it is good, the Members of the European Parliament should not decide on their remuneration and if we support the Pirates' proposal, we come back to the situation that preceded the adoption of the amendment, " the deputy prime minister and CSSD chief Jan Hamacek refused to discuss the bill.

"I honestly do not care how much the judges take when we discuss the law on the remuneration of politicians and politicians here the delegates take about 95,000 CZK net, each of us. That is the reality in this country, it is a very good salary and I absolutely do not see the reason why the salary should grow by 20%. And when I come to the pub in Choltic, I want to see my eyes on the greyhounds and say that I'm not like that and add 20 percent, "he said. said the pianist Mikuláš Ferjenčík.

"For me the parliamentary salary is not very dizzy compared to my practice in the field", added the chairman of the Pirates Ivan Bartoš..

"We will not vote about extending the program to other laws, it was TOP 09, which proposed at the time of the economic crisis to tax the refunds and also to freeze wages," announced for the beginning of the Chamber of Deputies Chamber of Deputies TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

SPO chairman Tomio Okamura he reminded himself that he did not see the reason for opening a new law, since he had already submitted a proposal to freeze the salaries of constitutional officials until the end of 2018. But it would mean that politicians should act according to the wages of politicians.

Because the Chamber of Deputies did not approve the Benda proposal to reject the law and the delegates did not shorten the time to commit committees, it is not excluded that they will still raise twenty percent of the salaries. The law is waiting for a final vote in the Chamber of Deputies, and the Senate can get it on the table, which it can give back to the deputies with adjustments, so it should vote again. It is therefore not excluded that legislators will do everything in their power to bring the hearing as far as possible and not to reach midnight on New Year's Eve.

In principle, delegates pay 75,900 crowns on the payroll per month plus they receive a flat-rate allowance for transport, food and representation up to CZK 39,400. From January next year, the base salary of a deputy may be 83,400 crowns, and the compensation should amount to 43,300 crowns. Moreover, most members now have not only a basic salary, because they even have more seats on the committees. For ministers, the basic salary would increase from 144,700 to 159,100 kronor and a reimbursement from 21,100 to 23,200 kroner.

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