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The dramatic fall of the bridge in Genoa, Italy, unexpectedly took place on a white day: "The road rained, then the wound sounded, and the road fell apart." I said, "So I'm dead, maybe it'll be fast." , he described the crisis moments after the fall of Morandi Bridge Martin Kučera.

"I've been aware the whole time, when I fell – it rained and was not very visible – I tell myself: I do not even know where I came in. I was afraid I was hanging on a rock somewhere to feel sorry for me. delivery, "said the SPED-IT driver.

"Then I heard the voices, I had my hand out of the window and waved to know that I was still alive." In five minutes people came, then they came out of the rescue, there was someone else with me, we waited for about twenty minutes. the firefighters before they brought in heavy equipment and before they started saving me, from the autumn to the hospital it took two hours, "he told a press conference.

Now they are feeling now. "After what I've experienced, I can say that nothing is wrong." On the day the bridge fell, the information about the status of his family in the Czech Republic was given: "I contacted the company and the boss called home." Because I actually lost everything, I was there for two days everything was in the truck, until that time the girls who gave me gave me my phone so that I could contact my family. & # 39;

On Monday, Martin Kučera was transferred from an Italian hospital to the care of Czech doctors. According to his words, transport happened without problems: "I have pills for pain and the ribs after five, six days do not feel much, it feels when a person coughs, but it was not as painful as I expected."

Despite the seriousness of the accident with Genoa, he will not have the problem to get behind the wheel: "As soon as the state of health permits, I intend to go back to work." This event had nothing to do with driving and my job, it was just a hit, "concluded the Czech driver.

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