"I will not influence someone's business," promises Dragoun. MPs "roasted" a candidate for the boss of GIBS

Dragoun must be named early next month. "Pif everything can be discussed, it would probably be the date of 1 September, " he said with reference to an interview with Babis. The director of GIBS is appointed and removed by the Prime Minister, to whom the inspector is responsible under the inspection law. Appointment of the Director can be made by the Prime Minister on a proposal from the Government and after discussion in the Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

Forty-year-old Dragoun presented his CV and vision on work at the beginning of the meeting. "If I became director, I would think about the structure and leadership of the office, "he said, for example, to see if inspections should be carried out by all technical and specialized workshops.when it is possible to use the police.

Inspector of inspection according to Dragoune, they often have to communicate with managers. The applicant also wants to tackle the workload of individual workplaces and will also focus on the internal inspection bodies of the inspection. It intends to improve the training of inspectors. "Certainly, it would be advisable to participate in the cooperation with the Judicial Academy, which is very complex in the training of prosecutors, I think it would not be a problem for the leaders and experts of the General Inspection to training to participate, "said Dragoun.

Dragoun wants to arrange relations with government officials

Dragoun tries to establish relationships with government officials who have criticized GIBS in the past. It also wants to establish closer cooperation with the Czech police. "I want the cooperation of the departments as such, andinspections would not be shocked by decent police officers, but only those who commit crimes, " Dragoun added. On the question of the deputy Pavel Zacek (ODS) he said that he would not influence the criminal cases of Prime Minister Babis. "I will not influence the cause of anyone," he said.

The student at the committee meeting recalled the circumstances under which the previous head of GIBS Murín. He asked to leave for citizens after Babis' disputes. According to the inspection, Babis repeatedly urged Murin to take the lead. During the Murino meetings he said that if the head office was to leave at the end of February, it would be "without a scandal". Babis denied it, but Murine publicly criticized him and began disciplinary proceedings.

Babis, who participated in only the first part of the session of the committee, refused to interfere in the selection of committee members or to influence who recommended the GIBS commission. "I do not know the names, I do not, "he said, the composition of the committee being proposed by government officials. The prime minister insisted that the GIBS chief's election was conducted transparently for the first time, according to former director of interior design, Ivan Langer (ODS) and Deputy Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD). ODS deputy chairman Jana Černochová said that she considers the tendering procedure as non-transparent after the cabinet has requested the concepts submitted by the bidders.

In the near future, Dragoun wants to request a higher level of security clearance, now available for confidential release. The new function requires a deepening to the secret. They will be present at the meeting of the GIBS committees at the beginning of September, which were only presented briefly today.

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