If Zeman does not call the invasion, Kiska appears on the screen. CT sends his speech home

PRAGUE On Tuesday evening, Czech television will include an extraordinary speech by Slovak President Andrej Kiska as a reminder of the 50th anniversary of the invasion of the troops camp in Warsaw in Czechoslovakia. The Czech head of state, Milos Zeman, has decided not to speak. Information was confirmed by CT on social networks.

"CT24 and RTVS broadcast simultaneously the speech by Slovak President Andrej Kiska as a reminder of the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in what was then Czechoslovakia." Speech by Slovak heads begins at 7:50 PM, " reports ČT on facebook page & # 39; s of Newsroom CT24.

"We are preparing a special day for the anniversary, in which we follow all the manifestations of politicians The official speech by the Slovak President on the events of August 68 is an insignificant part of the broadcast," said CTČ spokesperson Karoline Blinková for Lidovky.cz .

This decision was preceded by the dissatisfaction of a number of target groups that President Milos Zeman did not give a speech about an important birthday. "There is no speech, Mr. President was brave at a time when courage was not cheap," said spokeswoman Jiri Ovcacek last week on the social network and said, "This is much more valuable than a thousand speeches after fifty years."

Officially, but also on social networks, reports such as these appeared: "As a fair payer of concession fees, I would like to ask you to keep a broadcast of President Andrew Kiska's speech to the anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by some Warsaw Pact troops under the leadership of the Soviets, it is a common history. "

Although Kisk & # 39; s speech will reach the Czech public, his content will not be adapted to him. "Speech is pretended." Czech television was interested in it after it was recorded, and speech was made especially for the Slovak audience, but of course historical events keep us busy, "said Slovak President Roman Krpelan.

As a reminder, the predecessor of President Milos Zeman in the position of Václav Kalus until the 40th anniversary of the occupation announced the speech. The public has reported that the culprit of the occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 was not a Russian country, but an expansive communism in the Soviet Union. These words came out of the mouth of President Klaus ten years ago at the Prague Castle during a commemoration meeting on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops.

Profession 68: at that time they were 18

"Our extensive communism has been undermined by our sovereignty," the acting president said at the time. He also noted that the Soviet totalitarian power was the main responsibility for the invasion.

The current head of state only sends messages through the non-official twitter account of spokesperson Jiří Ovčacka.

"Occupation was a crime." The President's opinion has been the same since 1968. Let us be glad that today we can freely say this truth and that we will not be punished by professional liquidation, as Milos Zeman was at the beginning of normalization for his resistance to the occupation of Czechoslovakia, "wrote the spokesman in a short post.

In response to one of the users of the social network who wrote: "I hope that the speech of the occupation will be in the same spirit," said the spokesman: "There will be no speech."

A courageous step from the past

The Lidovky.cz server then added additional questions that the official wrote that "courageous speech" refers to criticism of the occupation at the start of normalization. "And for this attitude (Milos Zeman) was dismissed from the University of Economics, such a speech delivers thousands of purely formal speeches that will certainly be heard on August 21, 2018."

On Monday, the day before the anniversary, Ovčáček shared a photo on Twitter with the comment "We must never forget".

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