In Horn Marov there was a baroque castle, nobody was injured at home

Horn Marov Horn Marov in the Trutnov region from Sunday morning is not taken by him and the baroque castle. The foot of the swamp was swollen. The level of porn alarm of those monks was extinguished. Hasi has no information that anyone would be injured, tell the Hradec Kralove region of Martin Gtzov.

The castle, which is a cultural monument, is for sale at 14.5 million crowns according to the best website. Since April 1994 the facility has not been used and the technical condition of the construction in the web has deteriorated. Slot has been for sale for many years.

There is a flaming chicken of the construction. We will be able to get help with technology techniques, she said. The castle is located in the street Czerninsk and is located along the main street that goes from Trutnov to Pec pod Snkou

Hasii got mucus about porn at 04:45. There are about 80 firefighters from eight units. Initially they said they had ten units in the city. It is possible to determine the water from nearby waters.

The main building of the hill was built in the baroque style in 1792

The chariots sent two groups to the building to determine their condition and were ready to go out.

The main building was built in baroque style in 1792, in 1869 the pavevna was the back of the mud, which created the tvercov ndvo. The lock on the confined area of ​​about 2000 meters was subsequently changed a few times. The main building was built between 1907 and 1910 and was also built in the real web. In the last half of the last century it was used as bicycles and dtsk houses.

According to the land register, the property is owned by Sagna. The owner of Sagna is, according to the company registrar, the Russian Federation Sergey Mayzus

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