In Spain, the remains of the dictator Frank are taken over. The Valley of the fallen will be the victims of the war

Franco Franco's promise of the relics was promised by the new Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, in June, shortly after his inauguration. It caused both consistent and negative reactions. In protest against the shaking of relics last month, General Franco's supporters raised their hands in fascist greetings and waving French-speaking flags. Many Franken still admire, among other things, as defenders of the Catholic faith against the Communists, or for saving the country in the Second World War.

Against the excavation of the remains of Frank, who from 1939 until his death in 1975 at the helm of Spain, his descendants were also. Seven of his grandsons turned to a so-called monastery in the Valley of the fallen Santiago Canter, who tried to dig up with legal means. However, if the government decides to transfer the remains to a decree approved by the parliament and signed by King Felipe VI, the monastery can not prevent the excavation.

According to the Spanish media, the government has already drawn up the relevant legislative document. Since last year, he has a mandate from the parliament, which last May called for the then government The remains of Frank have been removed with regard to the victims of his dictatorship. However, the previous right-wing government, Marian Rajoy, did not comply with this non-binding call.

They do not want the remains in their hometown

It is not yet clear where the remains of Frank will end. The government wants to pass them on to the descendants who have a family in Ferrol's Gallic city of Franco. Tbut in early August he approved a document that forbids the remains to be buried in their city. If the family did not have the mortal remains to bury or refuse to accept with their excavation, Franco would end up in an ordinary charnel house, said the eldiario server.

The Spanish Civil War, launched by Franco in a coup against the Republican government, demanded more than half a million people. More than a dozen of his opponents were the victims of the Franks' government and the last five executions of leftist activists were signed by Franco two months before his death.

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