In Teplice started a young man, his mother offers 20 thousand to catch the attackers –

The police received a report of the attack on Saturday morning. "We have received a report about the sexual assault of a young man by a few unknown men we are looking for," police spokesman Alena Bartosova told Legal.

The mother of a man has published a call to search for Facebook witnesses. Please, we are looking for witnesses to help the perpetrator. He had been kicked in his head, even though he was already unconscious. I will give a reward of 20,000 CZK to the person who finds the culprit of this cruel act. It was an attempted murder, "the mother said attacked on the social network.

Tonight, at the Luna in Teplice, they attacked my son and seriously injured him. Please, we are looking for witnesses, …

Published by Ivan Fenyves on Saturday, September 29, 2018

The man has a number of injuries mainly on his face, caused by the shock of the brain. "We have to recover from all of this, we still hope that it will not have any lasting effects and it will not be noticed, but we still have not won, according to the doctor's information we have to wait until the swelling has subsided , "the mother told the diary of Teplický.

Active soldier

The letter also stated that the challenged soldier is in active service. The reactions of his mother to her Facebook profile show that he was involved in a foreign mission in the past.

His uncle, according to daily diary from Teplick on Facebook, said the incident was being watched by people, but no one helped. "It is likely that the military police will take it, and those who even report to us anonymous guilty will receive the sum of twenty thousand crowns," the man's letter quotes.

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