In the United States of America, for a Roma sister of racism in health care

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When did you first think, could you be a nurse?
The time I have ever had. My mother was sick, the earth when she was only 39 years old. We lost our father without a father. I helped when she was ill and so I went to the medical center. When she died, I wanted to leave it, but in the end I ended the wheel. I realized that I was going to help people. Once I worked as a social worker, I was in charge of a series of Roma.

Where was it?
In the Slovakian town of Davsk Road near Rimavsk Sobota. I did not really like it, I was in the office, it was administrative, it did not work. But many people knew me from the hospital, where I worked as a nurse, and I had a wife.

So after a round, did you go to the hospital now?
Yes, in a Slovak hospital I went to neurology, separated by ICU, where I was nineteen years old. When my children went to high school, I decided to work in Austria. Where she has put me in the middle of my life. But I could not speak the German word.

Have you tried it?
Yes, I started as a keeper, I was in charge of the man who was after the battle. Two days earlier I wrote at least on the rope – what is my name, greeting, and so on. I took a vacation from the house and went there to two tits, and I was fed up. That was in 2003, I drank at the end of the month seven months, and then I took the bottle waste to other families, I called in the hospital and I went to Austria to work.

Nurses to first aid

Last week, a number of healthcare professionals were picked up due to a lack of promise of ten percent of the salary.

health authorities said that the rewards of the spouse and nurses grew steadily
from 2014. Kadoron nrst tvo prmrn 4,5
In 2017 there was a decrease compared to the previous year
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and even with nurses, and about 12

According to the association of esk of nurses, but actors, standby is not an effective step towards a situation. According to the association, the main priority is to keep a fixed salary for the medical staff. The lack of nurses is then caused by their association in unsatisfactory working conditions with an inadequate salary assessment.

It is necessary to adjust the current working conditions and to ensure a healthy balance between work and private life. Nurses and caregivers now compensate their work by a kind of workload, or over-exaggerate what is very tiring in the course of traffic. The strategy is therefore to continue with the strength of the basic components of the salaries of the health workers, whether these professions are for the society of society, to the president of the Association of Martins of the Eye.

However, you are currently working in a neratovick hospital. Right there?
We went to the children who lived in Prague. However, I did this in Austria, later in Nmeck. Manel took the tree stump from Slovakia, but did not pay for it. He had to do a new course, but he did not want to do it because he has leukemia and he is looking for a transplant. Eventually he took a place in the Neratovice hospital and drank in the hospital where the nurses took care of the trainee. Later we got the apartment out of the hospital, so we do not have to come from Prague, so here we live.

Are there more jobs in the hospital and the waiter who care about people who are at home?
I am drunk on the way to the patient who is in the house, the family is a family and I am there, I am in charge of a single patient, not as a hospital, where they are all in a while. You have a pan that is connected to artificial lung ventilation, an alum-probe and all instruments such as in the hospital, but it is at home. On the one hand it is a good thing, on the other hand, you realize that something is always going on, and if it happens, you have to act.

Patients take a lot of time. How do you have relationships with each other? Is there a professional distance?
What about the patient in the hospital, where I always knew how to keep my distance, even if it went below me when someone else landed. But in a patient in Germany it is a yen. The last patient is a year old. I have been here a few days, I have been home for a few days and have been together for a year. Although amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, he is paralyzed, but he understands everything. He is like a family to me. When I go, I go with a patient in Germany to a time, not to earth or to an old people's home. I will never forget the family I had in Austria for years. I have been with them for years, I have been like families, I have the mess of them. But it is different, you have to be afraid, people have taken you as a sling.

How do we treat patients? Do you respond to Roma?
I do not know if I will die for people, but I have never had racist comments in the team. Some patients are most surprised when I first come to them, but I have never condemned them. That is what happened to me in Slovakia and in Germany, never in Scotland.

Eva Berkyov

  • She graduated from the medical center in Lučenec in Slovakia.
  • She has been working in the health care and trainee in a Slovak hospital since 1984. In addition to many years of internship experience, he has gained experience at the neurological department.
  • She worked in health care in Slovakia, Austria, Germany and elsewhere.
  • Currently she works as a nurse in a nurse in a nursing hospital where her husband works, and she is a health worker in Germany, where she visits patients at home.

What negative experience do I have of them?
In Nmeck I accidentally drank the patient and I had a colleague with me to learn. she told me she heard me, she does not want me, because I am Romka, she called for the desk. The man let me go all the time, to make a garden for you, I should have fooled you. She drank my carriage and criticized it, not long ago it was fine. I did what she told me, and in the end she told me that she had changed her mind and that it was him, but she refused.

And what is my experience from Slovakia?
I met a patient who did not want to give me an injection. My colleague told him that if he did, he would not get the injection. Eventually he changed his mind.

Mon, in the patients with boron disease that I only respect. Do not listen to your stories when you go out on the street?
It occurred to me, but I did not even meet you on the street. I do not know, about a thousand people really shout. When is the discrimination here not in Slovakia … I do not know, I can see it, but here we are with a good man.

There are about two thousand nursing nurses at the hospital esk. m is this caused by vs?
Low salaries, this is the first place. This is a condition for work because it is difficult to manage. We graduated to become health professionals, but we have to worry about patients, we have to keep the documents and we do not have patients. That's why sister wants to go abroad, where they do not have to go in two days and they have a different job.

The nurse in Nmeck can not take blood or get injections, that's it. There is one nurse per patient at the ICU department. Nurses do not care about hygiene, do not disturb patients, that is the stay. There is a lot of someone in it. Sisters have the sweat that they have written about the patient. We all have to run.

How much do I manage?
It is about fifty percent of the working time. We have one day, we have to write a lot about the patient, the phobia, the storm, the lick …

So why do not you stop an escudo and do not go abroad?
Because if I wanted to work in a hospital in Nmeck, I would have to take the test of what would not be a problem. But I would not want to leave a manel who does not know German. But I do not want to be there. Nmci are cold. for example, she and the Slovaks have a different approach to family illness. I can not talk about how they are, remember, they are not at all.

I have several colleagues who are abroad but not German. When I came to Austria, it was no problem to talk about it, it was a lot. And then it was terrible for me. I was a decade old, I was afraid, my daughter's daughter was a teenager and I used to be Slovak children who had let me wish for what I needed. Otherwise I have myself and I did it.

What do you think of a nurse who has to study a wheel and is in high school for at least a year?
I am against it. Studying goes to practice. We are sisters, we have to take care of the patients, but it is the one who, in what and how to submit, how enlightens. The five-year study for the health surgeon is wasteful.

The average salary of nurses is about 31 ts. By the end of the year, the salary was paid with two thousand crowns. Where do you think the wages of nurses should rise to match what they do?
It is a bit, we have not been judged properly. Some nursing hospitals take care of nurses to motivate them to stay. There are some accounts, but they are not suitable. If I have a sister who has graduated from the bachelor, I will receive the same salary as a sister who has been here for 20 years. And when we compare it to Nmeck, there is an average of about 75 tons per month. But do not dare to know how much the minimum wage should be, the bad thing about the company.

You have been working in health care since 1984. What has changed since then?
In addition to the many methods and tools that work to ease the relationships between healthcare professionals. In the departments we were two as a family, working together with our sisters. It is not like that, because it is not like that. Humanity has disappeared. It is also visible to the patient that the time has changed. The people are stressed, they are accelerated, they do not even owe the pi they have given us. It would stop if they drank and sneaked, but it would only get dirty.

Has he ever met a patient?
Yes, about a month ago. The family of a patient who is associated with artificial respiration by tracheostomy has a manel who works in the same room and invites her to celebrate her birthday.

And have you ever been afraid of the hospital?
Yes, that is what happened, in neurology we had patients with an aggressive brain and they ran after us. I have learned that you must get respect, forbid the patient, that you can not afford it.

Can you tell me if you ever leave health care?
No, it never occurred to me. Even at the expense of stress.

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