In the zoo of Brunnsk the bear Umda died in January and suffocated her teeth

  In Brno

Saturday, Medved Umca died in the zoological gardens of Brno. In the long run he has problems with his teeth and is subjected to a complicated acute operation

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In the Brno zoological gardens on Saturday Medved Umca died. In the long run he has problems with his teeth, he has a complicated acute operation, but has not saved him. Novinn said on Saturday the Michal Va zoo.

"The dysentery of the teeth is relatively broken, and after the operation, the creature was wound up and died the next day, the probability of the state of wealth could not be delayed, so we could not say it. Was born in Kazakhstan, and was brought to Brno by the zoo in August 1999. He became a father of four children, all his offspring were born to Cora

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