Increase salaries in education as early as September, the representatives of the government invite representatives from schools –

"Once again we make sure that the situation in schools is already critical and will continue to deteriorate, so we kindly ask you, but very strongly, to find the means to increase the salaries of the teaching staff since September this year," says letter signed by the Chairman of the Association of Grammar School Directors Renata Schejbalová, together with the President of the Union of Educational Societies CZESHA Jiří Zajíček.

Gradual, not one-off increase

Plaga, through her spokeswoman Jarmila Balážová, said she was aware of the situation in education and the long-term underfunding of teachers and non-educators, but she wanted to be realistic.

"From the outset, I say I prefer to see wage growth in the mid-term framework than a one-time increase in profits since September, when we have run out of money since the fall," he said.

In the same way, Prime Minister Andrei Babiš (ANO) printed his Facebook on Sunday, although the House recommended in its resolution to the government last year to add to the teaching staff since September this year.

As news reported, the prime minister also promised wage growth for non-teaching staff in education. [celá zpráva]

Hello people, today, really fast. I have to go. Greetings mainly for pensioners, teachers and other staff in education. I am …

Posted by Andrej Babiš on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Teachers, according to the current draft budget for the next year from January, should receive 15% more money, non-teaching staff with ten percent. According to the government proposal, teachers should increase by ten percent. Negotiations will take place about the non-curriculum.

Lack of presidents

According to Schejbal and Zajíček, the government does not seem to realize the seriousness of the problem in education. In many places in the Czech Republic directors can not find any teachers. Because of the low wages in schools, the staff is also absent in non-teaching positions, especially staff in school kitchens and cleaning.

The representatives of the associations are of the opinion that without effective and immediate measures, education ends up in a state where the remedy will be impossible or difficult and very expensive.

For example, half of the caretakers received less than CZK 18.412 last year according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the same proportion of schoolchildren had less than 23,781 CZK. The average wage in the Czech Republic was 29,504 gross per month. Teachers earned an average of 31,632 CZK last year. They were last received in November, 15%.

Salary increases in this year would also welcome the school departments. Their chairman, Frantisek Dobsik, said Friday that trade unionists will insist on raising at least from October or November, because it will not be enough to appear earlier. In the last two months of this year, salary growth would have cost about two billion krones, he said.

Schools miss teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, according to representatives of school unions. Primary schools also have a shortage of teachers for the first grade. Vocational schools also have difficulty finding cantors on electricity or builders. According to the directors, the problems are also foreign languages ​​when looking for qualified teachers.

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